MAY 25

5.25 NEWS: Network switch brings changes to students, staff
5.25 NEWS: Spanish teacher plans trip to Spain

5.25 NEWS: Semester Stress: Honors English wraps up semester long projects

5.25 OPINION: Oil Spill: Wake up America

5.25 OPINION: West Music hosts Weekend Warriors

5.25 OPINION: Our View: Departing staff leaves rich experience, legacy

5.25 SPORTS: Men’s soccer clamors for state berth

5.25 SPORTS: Men’s track finishes strong

5.25 FEATURE: Buy Fresh, Buy Local

5.25 FEATURE: Entrepreneurship helps students experience what a small business is like

5.25 FEATURE: Seniors tackle tough decisions

5.25 FEATURE: As some teachers move on, CFHS experiences many unwanted changes

 MAY 18

5.18 NEWS: Dalai Lama pays visit to UNI
5.18 NEWS: Kickin’ It: Race raises funds for Asian school

5.18 OPINION: Miley Cyrus can’t be tamed

5.18 OPINION: Our View: End of semester tests not needed

5.18 SPORTS: Upstart trapshooting team shoots well at State as season finishes up

5.18 SPORTS: Victory over #4 Linn-Mar exhibits team depth, potential

5.18 FEATURE: Peace Corps: Experience changes lives forever

5.18 FEATURE: Digital: Internet opens creative doors

5.18 FEATURE: Tough goodbyes bring new opportunities for retiring teacher

 MAY 11

5.11 NEWS: Concerts to wrap up year
5.11 NEWS: To weight of not to weight?

5.11 NEWS: CFHS staff, students to take part in blood drive

5.11 OPINION: College: Making freedom a reality

5.11 OPINION: Writer takes issue with previous immigration article

5.11 OPINION: Concert article needs updating

5.11 OPINION: Our View: AP Index results: CFHS 17th in state

5.11 ENTERTAINMENT: Iron Man 2: Sequel trumps original

5.11 ENTERTAINMENT: Book, movie The Last Song make big splash

5.11 SPORTS: Tiger baseball is back, confident

5.11 SPORTS: On tennis team, Ju is better than one

5.11 FEATURE: Choir teacher decides to shift focus next year

 MAY 4

5.4 NEWS: CF prepares for worst case scenarios
5.4 OPINION: Honoring our sun

5.4 OPINION: Arizona upholds legal system

5.4 OPINION: Our View: A thanks to all who helped with prom

5.4 SPORTS: After Sweet Sixteen run, UNI seniors clash with senior metro standouts


4.27 NEWS: Two seniors awarded top academic honor
4.27 NEWS: CFHS foods classes offer co-op lunch alternatives
4.27 OPINION: Jagermeister tour to visit McElroy Auditorium, Waterloo
4.27 OPINION: Our View: Era of environmental polarization ending
4.27 FEATURE: PE grant delivers new cardio room
4.27 FEATURE: Hearst Center showcases student artists



4.20 NEWS: CFHS students, staff honored for local work
4.20 OPINION: Give poetry a chance
4.20 OPINION: Our View: Big competitions showcase CF talents
4.20 SPORTS: Harrington breaking records


4.13 NEWS: This April Fools’, joke is on staff
4.13 NEWS: Robotics team posts another strong showing

4.13 OPINION: Explore, escape outdoors

4.13 OPINION: Consider options for school lunches

4.13 OPINION: Our View: Social networking sites go too far

4.13 SPORTS: Women rely on experience, defense

4.13 FEATURE: CFHS Eagle Scouts share insight on the true meaning of scouting over the years


4.6 NEWS: Iowa education budget forces changes
4.6 NEWS: CFHS teacher honored with advocacy award
4.6 OPINION: Our View: Eliminating nurse a huge handicap
4.6 OPINION: Future of tanning beds in doubt for those under 18
4.6 SPORTS: Women’s track winning early meets
4.6 SPORTS: Men’s track dominating early
4.6 FEATURE: Seniors visit Bickford for 3rd annual prom


3.30 NEWS: Four chosen for Boys, Girls State
3.30 OPINION: Valley ripe with volunteer options

3.30 OPINION: Our View: Angry responses go too far on health care

3.30 SPORTS: Dome hosts Special Olympics

3.30 SPORTS: Women’s soccer focusing on season

3.30 FEATURE: Facing muscular dystrophy, eight-year-old speaks out about her disorder


3.23 NEWS: Local schools preparing for new standards
3.23 OPINION: Going with the Flow
3.23 OPINION: Our View: Memories shouldn’t have a big price tag
3.23 SPORTS: Farokhmanesh does it again! UNI shocks first-seeded Kansas with late three

3.23 SPORTS: Men’s soccer hoping to repeat State run

3.23 FEATURE: In the life of a congressional page: Cedar Falls Junior shares his new experiences


3.9 NEWS: Miracle on Wheels: Swartdogs win big in Kansas City, earn spot at Nationals in Atlanta
3.9 NEWS: CFHS students glimpse into business world
3.9 OPINION: The Lightning Thief provides generic, predictable thrills

3.9 OPINION: Our View: Events happening at CFHS

3.9 SPORTS: Sports Opinion: Price caps needed for powerhouses to ensure parity

3.9 FEATURE: Libraries hold book sales, events


3.2 NEWS: CFHS speech team balances for State
3.2 OPINION: Weighted grades would motivate students to deeper challenges

3.2 OPINION: Our View: Choir’s prom dress sale worthy of exploration

3.2 SPORTS: Tigers face Jefferson tonight in substate finals at McLeod Center
3.2 FEATURE: Spring Fling: Theater students offer two comedies for weekend


2.23 NEWS: Choir hosts pops concert
2.23 NEWS: Jazz bands perform in busy concert season
2.23 NEWS: Nominations taken for GoldStar award

2.23 OPINION: Superficial judgments can still be defeated

2.23 OPINION: Our View: Thrift store creates unique opportunities

2.23 FEATURE: Tiger tracks: CFHS students and staff run thrift store


2.16 NEWS: CFHS club opportunities
2.16 NEWS: Teachers apply Google to classwork
2.16 OPINION: Of big three, Domino’s tops in delivery pizza

2.16 OPINION: Our View: Dance was great way to fundraise for Haitians

2.16 SPORTS: Women’s basketball finishes regular season, looks to Regionals

2.16 SPORTS OPINION: Colts’ star needs recognition

2.16 FEATURE: Techno Craze: New blogging website gains popularity

2.16 FEATURE: Students utilize search engine reward system


2.9 NEWS: Model UN gears up for spring conference
2.9 OPINION: Lady Gaga: Turning heads with more than her music

2.9 OPINION: Our View: Lift ‘Don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy
2.9 SPORTS: Districts loom for Tigers

2.9 FEATURE: PE curriculum fights type II diabetes


2.2 NEWS: CFHS mobilizes for Haiti relief effort
2.2 NEWS: Speech team prepares for state large group contest
2.2 OPINION: Apple releases iPad
2.2 OPINION: Our View: We’ve revamped our site
2.2 SPORTS: Super Bowl: More than a feeling with the New Orleans Saints
2.2 SPORTS: Marcussen expects strong Tiger showing at District meet
2.2 FEATURE: Legislature debates changes to license rules


1.19 NEWS: New course integrates multiple disciplines
1.19 OPINION: Our View: Students better off taking finals before holiday break

1.19 OPINION: Non-profit online site helps feed the hungry
1.19 OPINION: Culver, legislators lack backbone to fix state budget
1.19 OPINION: Haitian earthquake demands quick assistance
1.19 FEATURE: To Write Love on Her Arms: National non-profit movement gains large following
1.19 ENTERTAINMENT: SLF pursuing music after high school
1.19 ENTERTAINMENT: Cedar Valley offers variety of music venues
1.19 SPORTS OPINION: McGwire needs to buy own ticket into Hall of Fame after scandal


1.12 NEWS: Senior accepted at military academy
1.12 NEWS: Intramural dodgeball league to commence
1.12 OPINION: Our View: Year brings needed changes
1.12 OPINION: New Year, New You: Buy cheap products for noticeable differences
1.12 SPORTS: Small in size, but GIANTS IN HEART: Men’s BB team cashes in tough training for 7-0 start
1.12 SPORTS: Warrior hockey anticipates another state title
1.12 FEATURE: Pen Pal Project: Fourth grade writing leads senior to life long commitment


12.15 NEWS: CFHS junior off to Washington
12.15 NEWS: Photography class enters curriculum
12.15 OPINION: Our View: Art club’s sale benefits special needs classes
12.15 OPINION: Global warming: Fact or Fiction: Pundits overreact to emissions
12.15 OPINION: Email climate finding overblown
12.15 SPORTS: Hoop Hype: Young women’s basketball team sets high goals
12.15 SPORTS: Under new coach, wrestlers attain good team chemistry, hopefulness
12.15 FEATURE: Schnack Cat: Teacher’s feline friend interested in weather


12.8 NEWS: Dance teams post strong showings at State
12.8 NEWS: Civics class applies unit, collects toys
12.8 OPINION: Our View: Student toy drives open great chance for giving
12.8 OPINION: Drinking tea provides numerous benefits
12.8 SPORTS: Pool Time: Men’s swimming looks toward season
12.8 SPORTS: Bowlers strong against IC West, aim to rebuild, fine tune teams
12.8 FEATURE: Homemade Holidays: Affordable gift ideas for high school students


11.24 NEWS: CFHS choir to bring Christmas spirit with song
11.24 NEWS: Food drive a success for Cedar Valley
11.24 OPINION: Our View: Obama’s world diplomacy is undeserving of criticism
11.24 OPINION: Sequel New Moon outshines Twilight
11.24 SPORTS: State Dance: With new coaches, new look, dancers aim high for state
11.24 SPORTS: Soccer Tennis: Student-created game stirs up buzz, combining separate sports into one


11.10 NEWS: ALPHA teacher wins Waverly election
11.10 NEWS: Veteran’s Day holds special meaning for CFHS teacher
11.10 SPORTS: Girls improve individual placings, but not enough to rise against tough team
11.10 OPINION: Fellow ALPHA students clarify Entz’s opinion
11.10 OPINION: Our View: Tiger Hiline changes
11.10 FEATURE: Facebook, becoming part of the classroom?
11.10 FEATURE: New system alerts parents about activities, weather delays, absences, emergencies


11.3 NEWS: School play brings new challenges to students
11.3 NEWS: CFHS senior attends World Food Prize
11.3 NEWS: As flu season rolls in, local schools hit hard
11.3 SPORTS: Swimmers power through Regionals, qualify nine to State
11.3 OPINION: Entz’s argument ‘elitist’
11.3 OPINION: Students with struggles deserving of extra effort
11.3 OPINION: Everyone deserves special place in our school
11.3 OPINION: Our View: Lunch room staff deserving of thanks for meals we have
11.3 ENTERTAINMENT: Harry Potter theme park set to open
11.3 ENTERTAINMENT: Band brings originality to local music scene

11.3 FEATURE: CFHS offers new ala carte program
11.3 FEATURE: Lunches bogged down by regulations, budget


10.27 NEWS: All-State: Choir, band, orchestra students excel at state-wide music contest
10.27 NEWS: Diversity group to kick off for year
10.27 SPORTS: Yankees’ talent will trump Phillies second title shot
10.27 OPINION: ALPHA students shoved aside for new computer lab
10.27 OPINION: Iowa Hardcore provides more than good music
10.27 OPINION: Eastern Iowa Haunts: creepy and worthwhile
10.27 OPINION: Our View: Despite recent cool Iowa temps, Global Warming issue remains

10.27 ENTERTAINMENT: Senior’s music distributed on iTunes
10.27 ENTERTAINMENT: Roux Orleans provides elegant evening

10.27 FEATURE: Senior wins writing award


10.20 NEWS: Three seniors receive academic distinction
10.20 NEWS: CFHS students hold garage sale, raise money for Kenyan village

10.20 NEWS: Texting while driving draws attention
10.20 NEWS: Book club enters its second year
10.20 SPORTS: Men’s XC goes undefeated, powers through obstacles
10.20 SPORTS: Swimmers sweep Super Meet, look on to State
10.20 OPINION: Longer school hours, years could benefit U.S. students
10.20 OPINION: Our View: Businesses bucking trend of getting profits at all costs

10.20 ENTERTAINMENT: Wild Things misses book’s magic
10.20 ENTERTAINMENT: Jon and Kate’s family need peace

10.20 FEATURE: Three students shine in Junior Reserve Officers Training Corp


10.13 NEWS: DECA offers glimpse inside business world
10.13 SPORTS: VB meets high expectations in tough conference
10.13 OPINION: Our View: Food drive brings chance to make a big difference
10.13 OPINION: Student wants father back home from war
10.13 OPINION: Texting while driving creates havoc
10.13 OPINION: Make phone usage illegal in cars
10.13 OPINION: Following the crowd not always right
10.13 OPINION: Renewable energy long time due
10.13 OPINION: School wrongly limits Facebook access
10.13 OPINION: Refrain from texting while driving
10.13 ENTERTAINMENT: New restaurant serves mediocre food, disappoints with unwelcoming service
10.13 ENTERTAINMENT: New book series rivals Twilight’s popularity


10.6 NEWS: Annual food drive to commence
10.6 NEWS: GSA attempts to re-establish CFHS presence
10.6 SPORTS: Coach Mitchell makes history with 300 career wins
10.6 SPORTS: Young golf team prepared to shoot low at district
10.6 OPINION: Republican party resisting compromise on health reform
10.6 OPINION: Our View: Student-led blanket drive sets example to follow


9.29 NEWS: CFHS students make cards, raise money
9.29 NEWS: Physical education receives grant, plans expansion
9.29 NEWS: NU lunch program aims to increase nutrition
9.29 NEWS: Student body president lays out goals for year
9.29 SPORTS: Divers acquire new talent in head coach
9.29 SPORTS: VB sets standards high in tough conference

9.29 OPINION: Local non-profit animal adoption service offers second chance for helpless felines
9.29 OPINION: Our View: Lame ‘Hell Week’ pranks preferred to school destruction
9.29 ENTERTAINMENT: Student receives chance to hunt in Africa
9.29 ENTERTAINMENT: Latest Dan Brown novel true to form

9.29 FEATURE: Student tailgaters revel in pre-game experience


9.22 NEWS: CFHS welcomes three students from abroad
9.22 NEWS: Art Club works, raises money for new goals
9.22 SPORTS: Players need focus and drive to win homecoming matchup
9.22 SPORTS: Swimmers rise to challenge teams at Iowa City Invitational
9.22 OPINION: Our View: New school year brings twists to Hi-Line, website
9.22 OPINION: Health care threatens capitalism


9.15 NEWS: T-shirt Troubles: Administrators work to clarify Board policy on selling shirts
9.15 SPORTS: With raw talent, swimmers off to fast start
9.15 SPORTS: Men’s XC wins Bobcat Invite after much preparation
9.15 OPINION: Our View: School has right to terminate unapproved student T-shirts
9.15 OPINION: Student asks: where is the love?
9.15 OPINION: Political extremists block dialogue