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This year, Cedar Falls High School has initiated several new projects in and around the school. Now nearly a semester in, let’s reflect upon the new systems.

First is the complete renovation of the school’s security system. The improvements seem to have paid off — evidenced by the tamest Hell Week since any of us have been here. At this point, it seems to have been a wise purchase.

As students have school off for professional development days this year, the teachers are literally learning life saving skills. This is part of a new push for emergency training, which aims to better prepare the staff for crises such as a school shooting or a severe storm.

The jump from junior high to high school can be a tumultuous one, and we applaud the school’s efforts in easing this transition through their sophomore orientation. The event familiarized incoming sophomores with the school and its facilities. We hope to see this event continue in the coming years as it undoubtedly buffered the shock of entering a new, unfamiliar school.

Dialogue between the school, students and teachers has also greatly improved this year. First, the new phone and email messaging system has greatly reduced confusion and improved communication. Now, parents are immediately informed of any schedule changes. Additionally, the new Infinite Campus grading system has not only made parents more aware of their children’s performances, it has also allowed students to more immediately assess their own performances.

Art Sale Our View Correction

On another note, we would like to correct an article recently published regarding the Craft Sale right before holiday break. Although the Art Club contributed projects, the sale was actually run by Tammy Frahm and her special needs class. We thank the Art Club for their contributions but would especially like to applaud Frahm and her students for their hard work on this wonderful event.

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