More Than Money: CFHS senior enjoys hobby in job

chelsea hall

As many high school students wash dishes or bag groceries to earn money, senior Chelsea Hall does what she loves: piano.

Hall, who has been playing piano for 11 years, began playing at Von Mauer a year and a half ago. Her job entails playing in the center of the store, providing music for customers as they shop.

“I got the job by applying and auditioning. I began in the summer of 2008,” Hall said.

Even with 11 years of piano under her belt, she still has to keep up with the job, constantly adding new tunes to her repertoire.

“I try to learn new songs regularly so it doesn’t get too repetitive,” Hall said. “Most of the tunes are jazz, popular songs or from Broadway.”

In a typical week, she works from anywhere between six and 15 hours.

Not only is she being paid, but she also is gaining valuable experience for her potential future.

“Piano is my first love. I will always play! I am considering majoring in music in college,” Hall said.

Hall reaps benefits not only the job, but also from the opportunities that accompany it.

“I love my job! My boss and coworkers are wonderful people. Also, there are a few ‘regulars’ who stop by to listen to the music and chat every week. Some of them are in junior high and others are elderly persons — they are fun people,” she said. “There have been times when a customer who hears me play will offer me a gig playing a party or wedding, which is always a great opportunity.”

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