Diversity group to kick off for year

Donald Halbmaier/Staff Writer

CFHS students are taking their parts in making the school a more welcoming, inclusive and diverse environment where students feel accepted tonight at the high school.

Harmony is a group that works to educate the population of Cedar Falls High School about issues relating to diversity and equality. Led by guidance counselor Susan Langan, the group is open to and welcomes all students.

Tonight’s kickoff is scheduled to start at 6 p.m., with walking tacos served around 7 p.m.

Already, the program has had a relatively good turnout this year.

“We have about 90 students planning on attending the kickoff,” Langan said.

Student panels will speak at the kickoff, talking about the program’s goals for the year and collecting other ideas for the year as well.
Besides the kickoff, Harmony intends on attending race conferences and other conventions this upcoming year.

“We have a race conference we are planning to attend on the 12th of November, but that is when the high school is giving the ITEDs, so we are hoping we have enough seniors to attend,” Langan said.

This is just another sign that even though the program has gone through multiple changes throughout the recent years, it still strong and active as ever.
The program used to have student lead all school dialogues and activities.

“There were good, bad and in the middle reactions to the activities, but we had to stop them,” Langan noted.

Harmony also has a Thanksgiving party planned for the residents of Country View in late November. The date is still pending.

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