Concert article needs updating

Letter to the Editor

In the April 27 issue, you mentioned the Jägermeister Tour. Just wanting to inform evryone that the tour has been moved from McElroy Auditorium to the Val-Air Ballroom in Des Moines. In addition, the ticket price has changed from $35 to $45 to a new price of $22.50.

Overall, I feel dissapointed that the concert has been moved. The excuse was the ticket sales were too low and they decided to have a change of venue. I have personally been to three concerts in McElroy, and I have always seen a packed crowd in the auditorium, and I feel like they should have had plenty of Korn fans. Now I will have to drive two hours to see the Jägermeister concert. Also, Five Finger Death Punch is playing at LazerFest in Indianola, Iowa, and not at the Jägermeister tour.

—Mitchell DenHartog

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