Eliminating nurse a huge handicap

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School administrators and officials have made it clear that some budget trimming will take place this year. The picture is still foggy, but some facets of the potential plan have risen to the surface.

One of the cornerstones of one of these plans that many students, teachers and parents are talking about deals with the potential cutting of school nurses and replacing them with a smaller group of nurses who travel from building to building.

The editors here at the Hi-Line look at this potentiality with great disdain. School nurses are an essential element to any school, just as important as some lower-level administration members. To simply cut them would represent a major mistake on the part of the suits behind the decision-making process for the school district.

School nurses help to control the spread of diseases within schools. Having a singular “traveling” nurse would greatly handicap the school’s ability to administer the appropriate shots and pills that help students to make it through the day with a minimal amount of time out of class, not to mention the gaps that arise in cases of medical emergency.

Cutting costs may be an essential, but the elimination of a number of nurses around this district would be, simply, a mistake. The elimination of these jobs would deprive nurses of their livelihoods and students of their access to essential health aid. There are many places where fat can be cut from the budget, but this is not one.

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