Lady Gaga: Turning heads with more than her music

Lady Gaga The Fame

Maybe it’s the ludicrous outfits and platinum blond hair. Maybe it’s because she’s such a diva. Or maybe it’s just the music.

Whatever the reason is, Lady Gaga has become hugely popular.

Even the CFHS pep band has gotten into all the hype about Lady Gaga by playing arrangements of songs like “Bad Romance” at basketball games.

She was nominated for five Grammys this year including Song of the Year, Record of the Year and Best Dance Recording for her single “Poker Face,” winning Best Dance Recording. Her album The Fame was nominated for Album of the Year and Best Electronic/Dance Album, the latter of which she won as well.

Junior Kelsey Einertsen said, “Every time I hear a Lady Gaga song, I get very excited and want to dance.”

But it’s not just the awards and catchy music that make Lady Gaga who she is. Her extreme performances are turning heads everywhere, not to mention her fashion sense which would be better described as art.

“I’ve started to dig her crazy fashion and how she made her music in a way that she wanted to,” sophomore Mija Bean said. “Her music is just way too addicting to not want to listen to … she’s just everywhere!”

But like any other music artist, Lady Gaga is not well received by all. “For one, she’s just another pop star, and her music is terrible and unoriginal. She is just like Britney Spears, but the only difference is that she is appealing to the ‘non-main-stream’ people because she is ‘weird,'” sophomore Oliver Weilein said. “Second, personally I believe that her ‘weirdness’ is just a clever marketing strategy to sell records … like all so-called ‘musicians’ signed to major corporate labels are … puppets to make money … I can’t stand the sorry excuse for a musician like Lady Gaga.”

Even Bean admitted, “At first, I thought Lady Gaga was so lame and overrated.”

But whether you love her or hate her, it seems the fame, sense fashion, and music of Lady Gaga is hard to ignore.

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