Choir hosts pops concert

Kaylee Micu/Staff Writer

The CFHS choir members are eager to raise their voices in their pops concert coming up on Thursday, Feb. 25 at Orchard Hill Church.

Tickets will be $4 for adults and $3 for students. Activity passes will also be accepted.

This pops concert is sure to be a thrill for everyone who sees it because this year’s theme is Coffee Shop Open Mic night.

“Each CF choir will be performing as well as small groups and solos. We will have treats and refreshments for a free will donation for Haiti efforts. We are also kicking off our prom dress fundraiser that night,” choir director Kendra Wohlert said.

To spice up the acts, various types of lighting and sound effects will be used this year in a goal for it being a bigger and better production than past years.

For those planning to go, expect to hear the women’s choir sing pieces from Latin America. The men’s choir will be singing remixes of “The lion Sleeps Tonight” and “Stand by Me.” The concert choir will also be performing things from the musical Wicked.

Some other offerings include “Hosts,” sung by Carter Allen and Gage Stoneman with Tyler Brewer on guitar; “Into the West,” sung by Dylan Martin and Heather Kelly with Eric Neil on piano; “Lean on Me,” sung by the men’s choir; “Makes Me Wanna Pray,” by Kassy Salmon and the concert choir; and “John Williams is the Man,” sung by Nick Carlo, Dan Harter, Chris Kempf and Reed Bowden.

Additionally, Tyler Brewer will sing “I Love the Way” and will team up with Luke Skiles and Nino Costerella to perform “Hey there Delilah” and “1,2,3,4.” Mackenzie Meeker and Costerella will sing “If It Means a Lot to You;” vocal jazz will perform “Alfie” and Catherine Dunbar and Stefa Vallentine will cover “Samson.”

Other performances on the schedule include “Hey Soul Sister,” sung by Alex Stewart; “Alone in the Universe,” by Dylan Martin and Nick Carlo; “Hometown Glory,” by Ebony Kunkle; “The Scientist,” by Alex Stewart and Jacob Daily; “Keep Breathing,” by Melina Gotera and Sarah Postel; “Nella Fantasia,” by Ashley Mason; “Imagine,” by Megan Pattee; “Fireflies,” by Riley Martin, Kassy Salmon and Brennan Winters; “At the Beginning,” by Sarah Wallingford; and “Somewhere Out There” by Kelsey Finke.

“It will be an awesome night of music!” Wohlert said.

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