Hearst Center showcases student artists

Ali Miller/Staff Writer

Students from the district in grades K-12, including 20 student artists from the high school, are showing their art at the Hearst Center for the Arts.
The exhibit opened April 20 and runs through the end of May.

This is an annual show the Hearst Center puts on with art ranging from paintings and drawings to sculpture and jewelry.

CFHS art teacher Lisa Klenske said, “It’s always important for art to be shown, but especially good for the general public to see the art being made in the schools. With school art programs always on the verge of being cut, it’s important for the public to see the creative results of the students’ work.”

Klenske said not much is different this year than from last year. The art department has had some new styles of sculptures being made in sculpture class, but unfortunately those weren’t done enough to be in the show.

Todd Kern, the education coordinator at the Hearst Center, noted that they frequently have tours that come through the museum just to see the works of student artists.

“As an educator, what I really find interesting about this particular show is that even on certain levels — kindergarten, first, second, all the way up through high school — there’s a lot of really wonderful lessons that are shown here that the students are working hard, and that it isn’t more of a decorative, but it’s an actual academic exercise,” Kern said.

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