Student-led blanket drive sets example to follow

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As we near Thanksgiving, Christmas and “The Season of Giving,” senior Allison Duchman got a head start on helping others. She teamed up with two West High students (Buster Worthington and Kate Worthington) for a blanket drive.

“Block for Blankets” began last Friday at the CF/West football game, and it continues through next week.

Duchman said that the drive was successful so far, receiving nearly 100 bedding items including blankets, sheets and pillows at last Friday night’s game at Memorial Stadium.

We think that not only is it great to help people in need, but the sheer initiative of starting this program and teaming up with students from another school is fantastic. This blanket drive will give many, many people quality blankets and bedding. If everyone took the initiative to do something kind like this, so many problems could be solved.

Anything is possible. With some hard work, you can organize a big event like this and help needy families. That’s the power we have. To see a group of students go out and start something like this is wonderful.

It’s important to help others, and any way to get involved is great. With the food drive coming up, everyone can begin to gear up for charity. In Cedar Falls, we’re very lucky, and we show that we don’t forget that there are other people out there less fortunate than we are.
We praise Duchman and the West students for their kindness and their ambition to serve the community. They took the time to organize something original and commendable. They set a good example for teenagers to follow.

You can still get involved with the blanket drive by dropping off items at Varsity Cleaners (216 W. 11th St. and Ridgeway Plaza in Waterloo and West Fourth and Washington in Cedar Falls) or St. Vincent de Paul (320 Broadway St. in Waterloo and 203 Main in Cedar Falls).

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