Robotics team posts another strong showing

Meg Lane/Staff Writer

The robotics team made another regional contest stop, this time to Minnesota last week, before making its big trip to Atlanta for the world championship.

The team received the Innovation in Control Award in Minnesota on April 2, which is to celebrate a team’s innovative control system or application of control components to provide unique machine functions.

“This award meant so much to us because it recognized all of the hard work we put into our robot. When the announcer was dropping hints as to who was awarded the award, a mentor and I locked eyes and were joking about the first few things, but when they mentioned that this team’s robot had hung every time and their eight-wheel drive was spectacular, our mouths dropped open. Those things were unique to us. The students were extremely excited to be going down to accept this award,” junior Emily Hurban said.
The Swartdogs walked away with second place at the event.

“Unfortunately, we didn’t win in the finals, but I’m still extremely proud of what our team did. We are all extremely excited to go to Atlanta for the championships soon and show our stuff to teams around the world,” Hurban said.

With the world championship on the way, the team has prepared itself by making improvements such as fixing communications problems and making some minor camera adjustments.

“Our entire team is excited that we worked so hard and we didn’t just win in Kansas City but put up a fight and won the regional finalist award, which celebrates the alliance that makes it to the final match of the competition but does not win the actual regional,” Hurban expressed happily.

Now with Atlanta in sight, the team is anxiously awaiting its chance to shine.

“We are going to Atlanta for the championships on April 14. We hope to make it all the way at our playing field; there are four different fields with about 80 teams each, and go to the finals there on Einstein,” Hurban said. “We are so excited and cannot wait. Breakaway will become an entirely different game there compared to the Regionals we attended this year.”

There will be 340 teams from around the world for this competition.

“This season has been one to remember. The students have worked so hard to get where we are, never giving up when things got rough, and everyone has done their part whether it’s scouting other teams or driving the robot to victory. I’m so proud of every member of our team,” Hurban said. “Everybody has learned from our experiences at Kansas City, Minnesota and even at our build site. This season is one of our best so far, and we are extremely excited for what is to come.”

Robotics team adviser Kenton Swartley concurs. “I think the experience factor is a big plus. We have a lot of students that have been involved before, and this helps in all parts of the competition.”

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