CFHS foods classes offer co-op lunch alternatives

Ellen Gustavson/Staff Writer

Looking for better dining options than just the school lunch every day? It looks like the high school could soon be home to cafes, sports bars, Mexican or Chinese restaurants, and more.

The food service co-op class, under the instruction of Gayle Bruene, is doing a different kind of school project. Groups of three to four students work together to create their own original “restaurant,” complete with a menu and prices, to sell food to students and staff members.

They research recipes and then test and them out and make changes. “[The best part about this project is] we get to try new recipes and work together with our class,” senior Lauren Waddle said.

Those ordering food must make reservations in advance and then pick up their orders the following Thursday

In the past, students have created restaurants with variety of food. They even get to design their own menus, sometimes basing their restaurant off of it.

Senior Brittany Van Cleave said, “Jessica [Gerholdt] designed our cover, and it fit what we served for our restuarant.”

Another group created a restaurant called “El Caballo’s,” which included common Mexican dishes.

This project is a fun way for students to not only brush up on their cooking skills but to prepare them for employment and practice organization. Seniors taking this class can take it as work experience while working about 15 hours a week in the community at the same time.

“[It helps students with] pretty much all of their ‘21st century’ skills,” Brune said.

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