On tennis team, Ju is better than one

Meg Lane/Staff Writer

They always say that two is better than one. It looks like that could be the case with the CFHS men’s tennis team this year.

Rex and Roy Ju, freshmen twins, are ranked number one and two on varsity, which might be a first for the team. They have been playing since they were only five years old.
Time committment is important to the brothers. They play all year round, usually at least five hours a week, sometimes nearly every day.

However, just because they are twins doesn’t mean they always play doubles together. “We are doubles partners for the high school season and sometimes tournaments outside the high school season, but there are occasions where both of us can’t attend a tournament,” Roy said.

Seniors Colin Ashwood and Vincent Stigliani, and junior Louis Redfern, make up the rest of the team’s five-man rotation.

Rex and Roy have high hopes for themselves already. “My goal for the end of the season is to have twice as many wins as losses at least,” Rex said. “I hope to have represented the team well.”

With the sesaon already well under way, the brothers have already had the opportunity to improve their skills. “I have learned a lot of things that have strengthened my mental game,” Rex said.

The team is 6-7 right now and have played two of the top five teams in the state this season.

“My favorite thing about tennis is definitely the satisfaction of a hard won match; it’s a great feeling,” Rex said.

The team won their match last Thursday against East, winning five of six singles matches and all three doubles matches to win eight-one overall. The Ju twins won both singles and their doubles match.

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