As some teachers move on, CFHS experiences many unwanted changes

Counselor Ryan Flaherty


By Sara Gabriele/Staff Writer
2010 will be the last school year at Cedar Falls High School for guidance counselor Ryan Flaherty. Flaherty will be moving to Fort Dodge where he’s been hired by Phillips Middle School to be a 7th and 8th grade counselor. The move is a family decision so that Flaherty and his wife can be closer to family.

“I’m nervous and excited because I’ve never worked with that age group before,” Flaherty said. “Sometimes new is good. It’ll be exciting to work in a new school setting in a different district.”

Although Flaherty is optimistic about the potential for the future, his move will be tinged with sadness from fellow guidance counselors and students.

“Mr. Flaherty is a real asset to Cedar Falls High School,” guidance counselor Daniel Weichers said. “He relates well to all of his students and treats them all equally. Students and parents understand this and appreciate the work he does for them.”

As the faculty advisor for student senate, Flaherty takes on other various responsibilities around the high school in addition to his traditional guidance counselor duties. Flaherty helps coordinate and plan all the activities with homecoming, the McElroy scholarships and various other projects throughout the year.

“It seems like each month he is leading students headfirst into a different project,” Weichers said. “I don’t think people realize the time and passion Mr. Flaherty puts into student senate projects. He doesn’t do it for the money or the recognition but because it’s another avenue he can use to work with students and help others in the process.”

Students also appreciate Flaherty’s hard work.

“Mr. Flaherty is the one person in the school I will really remember after high school,” Junior Austin Javellana said. “He has had such a positive impact on all of us, and has also taught us how to work hard.”

The school has hired Peet Junior High counselor Erin Gardner to take over Flaherty’s position. She has been at PJH for two years now but is excited for her transfer to CFHS.


Math Teacher Mary Staniger


By Meg Lane/Staff Writer

After 32 years of teaching at Cedar Falls, math teacher, Mary Staniger has decided to pursue higher education teaching opportunies.

Staniger has decided to accept a job offer at Upper Iowa University as an assistant professor of mathematics.

She said she is excited about her new job, but, as with any departure, she has expressed some aspects that she will find hard to leave in Cedar Falls.

“I will miss my students and former students that are so appreciative. The notes and kind words have meant a lot to me,” Staniger said.

Staniger also added, “I have enjoyed my teaching experience at CFHS especially when I had my own children as students.”

Students of Staniger also expressed that they too will miss her presence both in and outside the classroom.

“I learned a lot in her class. She had a very unique way of having us memorize things, like on a unit circle; instead of memorizing cosine and sine, I still remember her saying, ‘CS, for my son, Charlie Staniger,” sophomore Sungha Nielsen said.

Her influence extends beyond the many students, past and present, that she has touched. She has also left a lasting impact on her own department.

“Mrs. Staniger has been a real leader in the technology of the math department. I will miss her as a colleague and as a friend,” CFHS math teacher Barb Koble said.

Staniger plans on further expanding her teaching experience at UIU where she hopes to learn to intergrate even more technology into her math classes.

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