Food drive brings chance to make a big difference

Our View

As the annual food drive rolls around again this year, the competitive nature of our student body swings full force to help those who are less fortunate. As always, we are pleased how well everyone puts in their efforts to make it a success. It is astounding that every year it seems to become a greater feat than the year before, and surely the upperclassmen are used to pulling everything together, reminding their peers and bringing in the extra amount of cans to put the total over the top.

We would like to continue our tradition of excellence. It feels amazing to know that just a few cans could keep a family from going hungry, and we think this should be the primary reason for helping out the cause, but we know that the student body has other reasons in mind.

CFHS staff members Dr. Rich Powers, Troy Becker, Ryan Flaherty, Diane Flaherty, Doug Wilkinson and Ethan Weichman have all volunteered to compete against each other for who will raise the most money, and the prizes we think will most likely be appreciated more by the student body than the teachers themselves. For the chance to see them kiss a pig, get a head shaved, sing karaoke or wear a clown suit, it will certanly be a sight to behold.
We would like everyone to help pitch in to help the cause. If we all would combine our efforts, the success of this event would reach so many families and help so many people. It’s amazing to know that just a little can go a long way.

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