CFHS students make cards, raise money

Donald Halbmaier/Staff Writer

School spirit comes to a peak every Friday C and D lunch in room 30, Bridget Bakula’s special needs class.

Bakula and her nine students have been making greeting cards for the CFHS student body and staff. Greeting cards ranging from birthday cards to get well soon cards are available.

“I was involved in a similar project when I taught at River Hills School. It provides students with a way to earn money for class projects, practice vocational skills, learn about money concepts and build a sense of community,” Bakula said.

The students have been having a great time working on these cards. Many have picked up some better senses of self and more.

“They have started to take a real ownership in the cards they create. You can see the care and pride they take in the cards. We talk a lot about the importance of creating a good product, and they have really taken this to heart. It has also been a great community builder, allowing students the opportunity to work in a cooperative setting,” Bakula said.

The cards are available all year round for only $.50 a piece. A person can order cards in a card hold at activity director secretary Jane Carter’s desk in the main office or by special order by e-mailing Bakula.

“We welcome donations of old greeting cards anytime. They can be placed in my mailbox or dropped off in room 30,” Bakula said.
The group is also now working on a surplus of Christmas cards for the upcoming holiday. They have been dedicating most of their time to these, but Bakula said that other cards are always available. There are also thank-you, baby, congratulations, thinking of you, sympathy, party/celebrate, friendship and blank cards.

Bakula said that Christmas cards will be sold in packs of 10 for only $4.

Students are greatly encouraged to support the program. All funds and donations are greatly appreciated by Bakula and her group of dedicated students.

“The card sale profits go toward funding a variety of classroom activities, materials and classroom field trips,” Bakula said.


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