Social networking sites go too far

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Last year, access to social network Facebook was banned from school computers. Each day, new social networks are created. Students are taking advantage of these things, and it’s becoming very obvious what some of us are up to on the weekends and our days off. Pictures of drinking and who knows what else have become more popular. Once a teacher sees these, we can’t control what they do with the knowledge, whether it be reporting it or leaving it be. Come on, guys. Colleges look at Facebook, Myspace, Formspring, Twitter, Tumblr and whatever else when you apply, along with places where you apply for a job.

This is definitely not the only problem. Online harassment has become huge these days. Even here at the high school, multiple instances have occurred recently. Just sign in to Facebook or Formspring and you’ll have the whole story right there in front of your eyes, at your fingertips. If we want the privilege of certain websites in school, this sort of behavior must come to an end. To have the freedom, we must show that we can accept the responsibility — something we haven’t been showing.

We at the Hi-Line feel that this is disappointing. It’s best not to get involved with a cycle of mudslinging on social networks because you could find yourself in quite a bit of trouble. We’re in high school. Time to grow up. Be the bigger person and walk away.

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