Student asks: where is the love?

Kaylee Micu/Staff Writer
“FREE HUGS! FREE HUGS!” That’s what I was saying as I walked around the school hallways armed with my sign and a funky hat as I proceeded to invade teens’ comfort zones.

On Sept. 3 and 4, I walked through the school hallways wearing a “Free Hugs” sign. The purpose of this was to see if students are comfortable getting out of their comfort zones but also to brighten people’s days.
The results for Sept. 3 were 70 hugs, 24 from the guys and 46 from the girls. On Sept. 4 I only received 57 hugs, 20 from the guys and 37 from the girls.

On the first day, I casually walked through the front doors with a grin and was greeted by my first “subject.” He looked at me weird at first because of my unusually large hat and then chuckled seeing the “FREE HUGS!” sign. He couldn’t help himself and gave me a friendly hug.

As the day wore on, more people joined in and quickly ran up to me with a smile and outstretched arms.

On the second day, I noticed that some of the kids seemed a little reluctant to give a hug for unknown reasons. Though oddly enough, my first hug was from a guy. I felt a little upset that I didn’t get as many hugs as the first day, but I still enjoyed it nonetheless.

I loved doing this project because I like to make people smile. Even those I didn’t hug wore a grin.

I believe that more people should give hugs because a hug really does brighten up your day. Some say laughter is the best medicine, but I think a hug can beat a good laugh any day.

I was happy to see that even though there are many new faces, teens are still able to give hugs to those they don’t know very well.

I wouldn’t have been able to do this project without sophomore Taylor Richard’s help. She kept tally and even took photographs while I walked around. She even gave a few hugs.

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