4.23 NEWS: School safety discussion continues

4.23 NEWS: Administration hears students’ voices

4.23 OPINION: Our View: Huge thank you to parents for making After Prom a success

4.23 OPINION: Wonder women lead television

4.23 SPORTS: Cedar Falls graduates at Boston Marathon safe after tragedy

4.23 FEATURE: Dancing under Chicago Lights


4.16 NEWS: Tentative German trip plans in process

4.16 NEWS: Senior Leadership serves Habitat for Humanity

4.16 OPINION: Our View: Teenage girls are entitled to contraceptives as well as boys

4.16 OPINION: Tanning brings negative effects, pressure

4.16 SPORTS: Rugby team opens season with sweep of W’loo East

4.16 SPORTS: Women’s Tennis Team Sees Up And Downs

4.16 FEATURE: Lexy Loves Film: Sophomore explores photos through film techniques

4.16 FEATURE: PE department adds cross training for next year


4.9 NEWS: The race is on to find a new superintendent

4.9 NEWS: PRISM sends members to Governor’s Conference

4.9 NEWS: Tech Tools: Staff, students explore new options for enhancing classroom technology

4.9 NEWS: English department offers three classes for college credit

4.9 NEWS: Amjadi captures sixth All State

4.9 OPINION: Drones have dangerously loose restrictions

4.9 OPINION: Our View: Preventing Korean nuclear war is essential

4.9 SPORTS: Cedar Falls aims to renew PEP grant for PE classes

4.9 FEATURE: Works of Art

4.9 FEATURE: Paying It Forward: Holmes teacher uses prayer, assistance to connect with Cedar Valley citizens


4.2 NEWS: Lending a Hand: Senior kicks off Red Hand Day to highlight child military atrocities

4.2 NEWS: Seniors earn third place in C-SPAN contest

4.2 OPINION: Quality gaming sites worthy of time

4.2 OPINION: Families influence taste in music

4.2 OPINION: Our View: Science contestants deserving of honors

4.2 SPORTS: Unforgiving spring weather impacts sports seasons

4.2 FEATURE: Spring Break spent in service


3.12 NEWS: CF students create own music

3.12 NEWS: Band pops concert promises fun

3.12 OPINION: Beyond Pandora

3.12 OPINION: Our View: Congratulations deserving for CFHS Regional Champion robotics team after recent successes in Duluth contest

3.12 SPORTS: Men’s basketball takes fourth place, sportsmanship award at state tourney

3.12 FEATURE: One Tank Trips


3.5 NEWS: Senchina shares district plans after Wells

3.5 NEWS: Multitasking, now a part of everyday life

3.5 OPINION: Is Web increasing social ME-dia?

3.5 OPINION: Letter to the Editor: Iowans should reject return to death penalty

3.5 OPINION: Recent snows highlight need for alternatives to snow removal

3.5 SPORTS: Men’s basketball faces Sioux City North after resounding victory over Epworth

3.5 FEATURE: Captured: All Shook Up!


2.26 NEWS: New York soda ban creates controversy

2.26 NEWS: New club explores options for service

2.26 OPINION: College Scorecard site lacking for college financial comparison

2.26 OPINION: Dance would be great gym option

2.26 OPINION: Our View: Share secrets, shake off stress

2.26 SPORTS: Students take personal stake in health, join fitness programs

2.26 FEATURE: Card making business donates funds

2.26 FEATURE: Websites provide fashionable, creative ideas, great products


2.19 NEWS: Students walk up Capitol steps

2.19 NEWS: Ensemble acting goes to All-State

2.19 NEWS: Some colleges question AP credit

2.19 NEWS: WFP encourages students

2.19 OPINION: Our View: Dance Marathon shows how much Cedar Falls cares

2.19 OPINION: Allowing women to serve in combat compromises quality

2.19 SPORTS: State Wrestling: Kelly is lone Tiger to claim podium

2.19 FEATURE: Streaming shows online options as alternatives to traditional television

2.19 FEATURE: Put on a happy face


1.12 NEWS: Hi-Line staff invites new members

1.12 NEWS: Scouts address national controversy

1.12 OPINION: Our View: Iowa’s death penalty must remain void

1.12 OPINION: Valentine’s plans you and your sweetheart will enjoy this holiday

1.12 SPORTS: Senior’s CFHS sports announcing leads to experience for UNI softball

1.12 FEATURE: Student director delights in horror


2.5 NEWS: Shake it for a cause 

2.5 OPINION: Our View: Advice for winter driving conditions

2.5 OPINION: Mental health: a government responsibility

2.5 OPINION: Better on paper than screen

2.5 SPORTS: Senior runners find healthy alternatives to school lunches

2.5 FEATURE: Roads of Faith: Students take annual trip cross-country to grow in their spiritual journey


1.30 NEWS: DECA dominates Districts

1.30 NEWS: Speech team sends plethora of talent to State

1.30 OPINION: Our View: Congrats! Jazz band excels at jazz festival

1.30 OPINION: Media, not to blame

1.30 OPINION: Celebs, not to idolize

1.30 SPORTS: Men’s basketball splits weekend with WSR, Xavier

1.30 FEATURE: Freedom of Photography

1.30 FEATURE: Preventing the flu will save quite headache

1.30 FEATURE: The man behind Galleria De Paco

1.30 FEATURE: Student takes up unique dance form

1.30 FEATURE: Sounds of Hope: CF student eager to participate despite physical limitations

1.30 FEATURE: Gun fight: Recent shootings reopen U.S. gun debate



1.23 NEWS: Skyrocketing tuition costs drain students

1.23 NEWS: Officials discuss longer school day

1.23 NEWS: Acceptance letter leaves junior nothing but smiles

1.23 OPINION: My body, my choice

1.23 OPINION: Our View: Producing time

1.23 ENTERTAINMENT: 2012 blockbusters to check out

1.23 SPORTS: Sports Injuries: How much is too much?

1.23 FEATURE: Meditation reduces busy high school stress, improves test scores

1.23 FEATURE: A Tale of One Team



12.11 NEWS: New vintage shop, doubly ‘lovely’

12.11 NEWS: CF Questions States’ Marijuana Changes

12.11 ENTERTAINMENT: CF rap crew splits catchy lyrics

12.11 SPORTS: Tiger wrestlers improve to 4-0, seniors lead the way

12.11 SPORTS: Can playing high school sports have negative effects?

12.11 SPORTS: Men’s basketball preps for West

12.11 FEATURE: Hurricane struck close to home for student


12.4 NEWS: Blue Zone Project hits Cedar Falls

12.4 NEWS: Changes in study hall options hope to help raise CF students’ grades

12.4 OPINION: Uniforms limit number of outlets for creativity and self-expression

12.4 OPINION: ‘White Christmas’ draws out a crowd

12.4 SPORTS: STATE CHAMPS: Pom and All-Male bringing home the ‘ship


11.20 NEWS: Student survey displays what is most important, future employees

11.20 OPINION: Give Thanksgiving a chance: November holiday deserves just as much attention as the other commercialized celebrations

11.20 FEATURE: Students make a switch from paper

11.20 FEATURE: Sculptures grasp school’s attention


11.13 NEWS: Veterans, Recruit Reflect On Legacies Of Service

11.13 NEWS: First Time Voters Cast Ballots

11.13 OPINION: Our View: Food drive continues to show Tiger heart

11.13 OPINION: Women should have control of what happens to their bodies

11.13 OPINION: Self esteem should come from inner peace, not outer persuasion

11.13 SPORTS: Déjà vu: Tigers fall to Xavier again, knocked out in semi-final round

11.13 SPORTS: Student-athletes maintain condition during off-season

11.13 FEATURE: Don’t judge a book by its cover

11.13 FEATURE: Quest for the Big Stage


11.6 NEWS: New coaches to lead speech team in new direction

11.6 NEWS: Fall Play becomes big success

11.6 OPINION: Classic potential: Novel takes deserved place among great books

11.6 OPINION: Time for Relief: Politics need to be put aside for Hurricane Sandy relief

11.6 ENTERTAINMENT: ‘Perks’ come to life

11.6 FEATURE: Staffwriter sponsors Kenyan: By giving $28 a month, Lauren improves a life

11.6 SPORTS: Gettin’ the job done: Tigers one game away from State championship after defeating Pleasant Valley 28-21 in quarterfinals

11.6 SPORTS: Food Drive Relays


10.30 NEWS: Political issues club debates controversial topics

10.30 NEWS: National Merit Scholarship Corporation announces Semifinalists

10.30 NEWS: Students collect cans, money for food drive

10.30 NEWS: Digital Debate: District sees ups, downs to electronic books

10.30 NEWS: Students, specialist suggest school lunch improvements

10.30 NEWS: Study shows benefits for families that eat together

10.30 NEWS: Scholarly students turn ghoulish for Zombies in the Park

10.30 OPINION: Price of education coming at higher cost

10.30 OPINION: Unstable Platform?

10.30 OPINION: Our View: Pitch the pop

10.30 ENTERTAINMENT: Senior uses tech tools to create big beats

10.30 ENTERTAINMENT: Songs for the Season

10.30 ENTERTAINMENT: Brew Crew; Coffee, tea, and other healthy drink alternatives

10.30 SPORTS: Women’s Swimming plunges through Regionals to State

10.30 SPORTS: Athletes raise awareness about breast cancer

10.30 FEATURE: Spooky treats offer mouthwatering delight

10.30 FEATURE: No meat, no problem: Vegan lifestyle becoming more popular

10.30 FEATURE: Designing Her Dreams: CF Grad Follows Her Passion For Fashion In New York City


10.23 NEWS: Musicians earn All States

10.23 NEWS: Fall’s plays focus on drama

10.23 NEWS: Roots closes its doors, leaving foodies searching for fresh, local options

10.23 OPINION: Our View: Brutal tragedy brings attention to women’s rights

10.23 OPINION: Letter to Editor: Changes in lunches ripe for student action

10.23 FEATURE: Student’s Pressures On The Rise

10.23 FEATURE: Advantages of growing hemp outweigh association with its shady, ‘weedy’ cousin

10.23 SPORTS: Brothers’ torn ACLs bring them closer together


10.16 NEWS: Jell-O wrestling brings statewide attention

10.16 NEWS: Evolution v.s. Creationism: Science Guy sparks up debate

10.16 OPINION: Jell-O event leaves bad taste in many mouths

10.16 OPINION: Our View: Social Media– Making life easier or more unbearable?

10.16 SPORTS: Austin Mennen named Academic All-American

10.16 FEATURE: Students add scares to Zombies in the Park

10.16 FEATURE: Math teacher runs ultramarathon

10.16 FEATURE: Junior prepares to organize To Write Love on Her Arms fundraiser

10.16 FEATURE: Students add scares to Panic Park

10.16 FEATURE: Today’s cute fairy tales descend from scary tales


10.9 NEWS: Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

10.9 NEWS: Moving Forward

10.9 NEWS: The Future?

10.9 OPINION: Our View: Vote Yes to Iowa Judges

10.9 OPINION: Letter to the Editor: Narrow acceptance, blind to originality

10.9 ENTERTAINMENT: Hungering for Dystopia?

10.9 FEATURE: Search continues for missing Evansdale girls

10.9 FEATURE: Student turns honors English assignment into E-book

10.9 SPORTS: Jared Deines shoots 174 at State Golf Tournament



10.3 NEWS: Teens tackle election issues

10.3 NEWS: Even those under 18 can get involved in elections

10.3 OPINION: Space Race



9.25 NEWS: Spanish teachers planning trip

9.25 NEWS: District explores connections with CF’s Chinese sister city

9.25 NEWS: All State Auditions: Musicians bring years of practice to day of reckoning at Hampton

9.25 OPINION: Sleeping on the Job: Students overlook their brains’ nightly needs

9.25 OPINION: Forgotten fight: Country’s longest war deserves focus

9.25 ENTERTAINMENT: So you think you can RUBIX?

9.25 ENTERTAINMENT: Library offers free ‘passport’ to global perspectives

9.25 ENTERTAINMENT: As summer fades, tune in to these indie sounds for fall

9.25 SPORTS: Junior offered football opportunities

9.25 SPORTS: Side Tracked: Barkley Hill

9.25 SPORTS: New Golf Coach ‘Strikes It Rich’

9.25 FEATURE: Senior Trades Last Year At Cedar Falls High for Argentina

9.25 FEATURE: Standing Up To Bullying


9.18 NEWS: Elementary Bilingualism

9.18 NEWS: Opening Up: English opens possibilities for exchange students

9.18 NEWS: College experiences differ in form

9.18 OPINION: Who takes blame for lost lives?

9.18 SPORTS: Zarate’s comeback marks victory for Tiger Cross Country

9.18 FEATURE: Get involved

9.18 FEATURE: Workin’ It; Tattoos, Piercings Becoming More Common In The Workforce



9.11 NEWS: Four exchange students join CF

9.11 NEWS: The Man with the Plans

9.11 OPINION: Breaking the Law, a Trashy Scene

9.11 SPORTS: Junior offered football opportunities

9.11 SPORTS: Time to cheer

9.11 FEATURE: Wish you were here: Students share summer memories