The Hi-Line Online audio channel is produced in the broadcast journalism classes of Cedar Falls High School. We try to post new stories to our Anchor site weekly. This link is no longer active.

Dose of Poetry is an audio channel hosted by an aspiring poet and current student known as the Versifier. Here on the podcast, he reads aspiring and legendary poetry from a variety of poets, as well as explains poetic formats for novice and veteran poets out there to try!




Arts Crafts n’ Fun
with hosts Nick Hall and Michael Bowden
Check in here to learn a quick, easy craft to add to amusing adventures to your day.

Athletic Nutrition
with host Kelsey Hansen
This show will provide a variety of ways for athletes to keep an eye on healthy living.

Austin Anderson’s Sports Talk
with host Austin Anderson
Here’s the CF angle on the latest in stae and national sports.

Catalin Vilae in America
with host Catalin Vilae

Join Romanian exchange student Catalin on his adventures of discovery this year at CF

Cooking with Grandma
with host Megan Dahlen
This cross generational cooking show offers a delicious chance to capture the wisdom of an experienced cook.

Cyclone Icons
with host Jack Jorgensen
Jack’s podcast will take Cyclone fans behind the scenes to reveal the stories behind some of the biggest ISU icons.

Drops Mic
with host Jaden Amjadi
Tune in here for insights on the latest releases in music.

Easy Autos
with host Jacob Hunemuller
This show will give you the basics to fix your vehicle all by yourself.

Exceptionally Skilled
with host Chiyaka Ogbondah
Chiyaka will show you how to do it all.

Grade A+ Recommendations
with host Daniel Mitchell

Chill out with Daniel as he leads you on a magical musical tour beyond the chart toppers you already know.

ISM Aphroism
with host Jackson Kliewer
Confused about an influential “ism”? Fear not. Each episode of this podcast will give you a PhD in understanding.

It’s Magic
with host Austin Schaub
On this show, Austin will show you amazing magic tricks … and the steps to pulling them off.

Jorgensen Outdoors
with host Jack Jorgensen
Jack’s new podcast launches this spring 2019 and will feature a wide variety of outside adventures.

Josie’s Just Do It
with host Josie Speltz
On this show, Josie makes it her mission to teach the world to get on its feet.

K9chrissyy’s Channel
with host Christina Brammer
Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?

Kiss the Cook CF
with hosts Joey Dobson and Clint Fletcher
Follow our tips to whipping up something good in the kitchen

LT Shorts
with hosts Tarrell Christie and Luke Kreger
Take a trip with us on different humorous skit every episode.

My Nightmare
with hosts Noah Miller and Carrsan Morrissey
In the style of Alfred Hitchcock Presents or The Twilight Zone, follow this show for original scary stories.

Paul Engle Essay Contest Podcasts
with English 10A students
After submitting their essays to the Paul Engle High School Essay Contest, English 10A students create podcasts of their essays.

Shehata Soccer
with host Ahmad Shehata
This podcast will give you the skills to bring you soccer game to another level.

Shock Talks
with host Henry Schockley
The show where Henry gives you life advice by telling viewers what not to do.

with host Wes Gitta
I’m the guy who does Crystal Sins, the CinemaSins parody of Steven Universe. I’ve done other things, but that’s all I’m really known for. I’m planning on expanding what I do on this channel too. I may suddenly upload an animation or a movie review or something else of that nature.

with host Christina Brammer
Science, Technology, Engineering and Math are where the future lies for many careers, and this show will highlight what education is doing to open these options.

Two Cents
with host Jackson Skiles
On this show, Jackson will take you on a visual tour as he offers his opinions on a wide range of topics.

with host Addison Pace
Addison can give you the inside scoop on what’s hot or not in the latest movies offerings.

The Wingmen
with host Brennan Kohls
Now in its second season, join Brennan and his dad as they explore their passion for bird hunting.