Three seniors receive academic distinction

 Donald Halbmaier/Staff Writer

Three CFHS students have recently been awarded with the title National Merit Scholar Semi-Finalist.

Seniors Alex Judisch, Amelia McMurrin and Micheal Ore have earned the honor after completing the PSAT/NMS Qualifying Test.
“It’s a huge honor for students, that demonstrates their academics. It’s like state championship for sports or All-State for a musician,” guidance counselor Susan Langan said.

Each student has plans for what to do with the opportunities.

“Hopefully, I’ll be able to do well enough on my SAT that I make it to be a finalist. If I do that then a lot of scholarship opportunities open up to me that I’d love to take advantage of,” Judisch said.

Two students were also commended by the program. Seniors Vincent Stigliani and Stephanie Welch scored high on the PSAT, yet not quite high enough to make the Semi-Finalist cutoff.

With a major test like the PSAT, preparation is key said both McMurin and Judisch.

“A lot of things prepared me for the PSAT. I had taken the ACT once before, and I would say the ITEDs also offered good preparation,” Judisch said.
Judisch and the other two students are now on their way to the NMS finals, which is no easy task. To become a NMS finalist, they must take the SAT and get a score of at least 1960, fill out an application, write an essay and get a letter of recommendation from a qualified person.

“Some finalists get full-ride scholarships depending on the school,” Langan said.

That has already become an opinion for one of the students.

“Some colleges have offered me full tuition if I become a finalist,” McMurrin said.

The NMS Program definitely has been an important aspect in previous students’ and current semi-finalists’ lives.

“Being a NMS student has also encouraged me to continue working hard my senior year to keep my grades consistent,” McMurrin said.

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