CFHS offers new ala carte program

Meg Lane/Staff Writer

Ala carte for school lunch is getting souped up. Now, you get more choices for your money.

Ala carte usually consists of two entree options and a choice of vegetable or fruit. The ala carte “Meal Deal” sets what students can buy for mainline price off of ala carte.

But now students will be given more choices: four entrees, choice of vegetable or fruit, and a milk.

The program, named “Build a Meal,” will also be available for mainline price, which means that students on free or reduced lunch will be able to take part in this unique opportunity.

Food service manager Rhonda Chiattello hopes that the new changes will proved healthier options for the students. “In the long run it’s a lot healthier, and it gives more kids a choice in what they eat,” Chiattello said.

She noted that the changes to the meal plan will branch to provide more options for picky eaters, vegetarians, or those with special diet restrictions.
The biggest motivation for the ala carte changes is the new guidelines approved by Iowa state legislature. According to Chiattello, the new guidelines state that meal planners need to cut calories, lower sodium, and offer more fruits and vegetables.

But ultimately, the choices for picking healthy options will lie with the students.

“I like it because then there is more variety for everyone and different people like different foods so this gives them a chance to chose what they want,” Junior Meghan Brock said.

“Build a Meal” began Nov. 2.


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