PE grant delivers new cardio room

PE machines

Sara Gabriele/Staff Writer

Instead of paying the price of a private gym, students and staff can now just use the cardio equipment in the old health room to get a workout. The new room is fully equipped with 24 exercise machines — nine ellipticals, seven treadmills, five stationary bikes, two stair steppers, and one hand bike — and three plasma screen TVs.

“I love it,” gym teacher, Jamie Smith said. “We researched the equipment for about six months and made sure to choose ones that would last for a long time. It’s very high quality equipment.”

The room is used as a component of gym classes; students do their daily warm up on the machines and sometimes get to spend the entire class period there. Smith mentioned even a possibility of adding a cardio class, similar in format to strength and conditioning, further down the road.

And many students and staff are taking advantage of the room on their own time.

“It’s really nice equipment, as good as what you’d find in a regular gym,” sophomore Alicia Pierce said. “And you don’t have to pay memberships prices or go into a crowded gym.”

Students and staff can use the room anytime during the day when a supervisor is present. The room is also open before and after school and on weekends whenever the weight room is open.

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