Student toy drive only helping less fortunate

Our View

Many times at CFHS our “good will” projects for others come with some benefits for ourselves. If we sell so many t-shirts, we get to bring food on Friday. If we collect so many clothing items, we have a pizza party.

Social studies teacher Bob Schmidt and his students have taken upon themselves to change this precedent. For a citizen unit in one of his classes, the students are running a toy drive for the less unfortunate children in our community. This project is purely for the sake of helping others, and not for a possible reward at the end.

So many times during our lives, we think about what we get out of it, even if we are doing it for someone else. Many of us do service projects because we know it looks nice on a resume, or we might help out with chores around the house to be in good graces with our parents. We are a very self-centered society; we always think about ourselves, always worrying about how things will turn out for us. Around the holiday season, our families are busy getting ready for the big day, baking cookies, getting the tree ready, doing last minute Christmas shopping, and with all that going on, it is extremely hard to think about the less fortunate.

We challenge you this season to do something for others, if that be helping an elderly person decorate for Christmas, or volunteering at the food bank. Every bit can help, and it will certainly make someone’s holiday season a little brighter.

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