Student body president lays out goals for year

Senior Allison Duchman was elected president of the student body.

Q: As student body president, what would you like to do to make the school environment better for the students?

A: I want to make sure that students continue feeling comfortable in our school, and if they don’t I want to know what I could do to make it help. It’s hard being one person. You don’t see all the sides of the spectrum unless people confront you about it.
No one on student senate is a mind reader, and in order for changes to be made we would love to know what the subject matter is. In all honesty, I wish all year could be homecoming because the spirit of this week is awesome. It’s neat to see so many people be proud of Cedar Falls, represent our school and take part in all the activities going on.

Q: What was going through your mind when you signed up to be a candidate last year?

A: When signing up to be a candidate, I was pretty nervous because I hate disappointment, but I love student senate, and I’ve been involved some way in student government since early elementary years, so I figured that president would be the next step.

Q: What are the biggest obstacles that you and your administration have faced thus far? 

A: So far there haven’t been too many obstacles yet. We are only four weeks into the year and so far our major goal to tackle has been the big task of homecoming. It came a lot sooner this year than the previous ones. So, with that said, I suppose our biggest challenge has just been to work really fast and generate ideas for homecoming quicker than we’ve had to in the past.

Q: How do you plan to apply the experience you have received from being student body president to life outside high school?

A: I plan to continue being involved in student government after my high school years. Due to the fact that student senate involves organizing activities and volunteering frequently, those are the two main interests I have and definitely plan to keep up with.

Q: Who have your inspirations been throughout your high school career?

A: Throughout my high school career, on a more personal level, my dad has really inspired me. He is the most selfless person I’ve ever met and is always working with some volunteer group one way or another. He never pressured me to volunteer, it was always a choice, and that’s what I respect.
Also, being in the high school I have had two teachers really inspire me. Mrs. Considine is flat out an amazing person, and working/volunteering with her through junior leadership was always a fun experience.

Throughout student senate Mr. Flaherty has definitely been a huge motivation to me. I strongly believe that if you respect someone of upper authority, you don’t mind working hard or taking on tasks that otherwise may seem daunting.
Mr. Flaherty always always always has a smile on his face, puts students before his own needs constantly and is so much fun to work with. His sense of humor keeps the whole group going.

Class of 2014

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