Dalai Lama pays visit to UNI

Sara Gabriele/Staff Writer

One of the world’s most prominent figures will be making an appearance in Cedar Falls on Tuesday, May 18. The Dalai Lama, His 14th Holiness, is a Nobel Prize winner and world renown leader of Tibet and Buddhist teachings.

He will be visiting UNI to give a speech about education that will focus on the importance of education in a global society, the role of education in developing socially responsible citizens, and the impact an individual can have on the world.

Although the event is sold out, several CFHS students and teachers managed to procure tickets earlier and are excitedly anticipating the event.

Senior Ben Sadkowski, who has studied meditation and Buddhism on his own time, said is looking forward to hearing the talk.

“He gives a strong message of interracial cooperation, and he himself has done and gone through a lot,” Sadkowski said. “He’s not just some glorified icon; he actually has some meaning to his life.”

Junior Melina Gotera said that although she knows little about the Dalai Lama, she is excited just to hear what he has to say.

“It’ll just be neat to hear from a man with such a different perspective as his. He’s someone that obviously thinks about things in different way, and it will be great to hear him talk about that,” Gotera said.

Another lucky person to get tickets for the event was Harmony director Susan Langan, who got 15 tickets for selected Harmony members.

“I just feel like what a powerful experience to hear him talk about how he’s lived his his life and how he’s peacefully delt with conflict, which kind of fits in with what we try to do with Harmony,” Langan said.

Harmony member Colin Ashwood said he’s excited for the opportunity to attend the talk.

“I think hearing him speak is going to be a great opportunity,”Ashwood said. “To hear from one of the most prominent world figures who has a profound impact on the world today will be enough in itself, but it will also be really interesting just to learn more about his personal philosophies.”

The event will be held Tuesday, May 18 from 2-3:30 at the McLeod Center.

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