New Year: New You!

Kaylee Micu/Staff Writer

Every day I see a new add for some “miracle” product that can clear your skin in just four hours. I can’t say that I’ve never fallen for one of these ads, but now I know better. I’ve found some skin products that work for a lot less money than what is advertised on T.V.

Proactiv Solutions

If you have about 10 minuets in the morning, then you could use Proactiv solutions. I’ve used this product for about six months now, and I love it. I have noticed a drastic change in my skin. I have less acne and my skin is hydrated more than before. I recommend Proactiv for those with dry skin and lots of acne.

Clearasil Face Wipes

If you don’t have a lot of time in the morning, like I do, Clearasil face wipes work just as well as Proactive and takes less than a minute to cover your entire face. I’ve been using Clearasil for about two years, and it works wonders for those with oily skin.
Both of these products should be used once in the morning when you wake up and before you go to bed. If you take a shower in the morning, don’t use these products for it will dry out your skin.

Biore Pore Strips

If you want really clean pores, I suggest Biore pore strips. They come in packs of six, eight and 14. All you do is get your nose or some part of your face really wet and let the strip sit there for about 15 minutes. After pulling it off, you can really see how much dirt was pulled from your pores. Anyone can use this product as long as you don’t have sensitive skin. You should also use this product when you’re relaxing or aren’t being active. Also, you should only use these once every three days to avoid skin irritation.

Clean and Clear Absorbing Sheets

Clean and Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets are a must if you are tired of oily skin. It only takes one sheet and about a minute to remove excess oils from your face. These sheets don’t smear makeup and come in a package of about 50. You can use these throughout the entire day if you want to.

Neutrogena Makeup Remover

Neutrogena makeup remover sheets are great when you want to get rid of your makeup quickly. These sheets come in a pack of 25 and freshen skin while removing your makeup with ease.

All of these products can be bought for under $15 at Target.
Beauty doesn’t have to be expensive, it just has to work.

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