Band brings originality to local music scene

Kaylee Micu/Staff Writer

As much of a musically and culturally diverse town Cedar Falls is, there has never been too much emphasis a certain genre of music. That music is Ska. Ska music has been around since the ’50s and is derived from classical reggae and modern punk sounds. And nothing else better describes local ska band Gettin’ Stuff Done (GSD).

GSD is composed of CFHS alumni lead vocalist Andrew Boody, junior drummer Chayce Dieser, sophomore guitarist Oliver Weilein who is also backing vocals along with sophomore Mija Bean who plays bass as well. GSD also has a brass section in their band. This includes freshman trombonist David Boody, freshman saxophonist Ben Marz and senior trumpeter Greyson Henderson.

Though they take themselves just as serious as any other up and coming band when it comes to music, the members of GSD like to just hang out and make music.

“We usually only mess around at practices,” Bean said.

GSD has played a couple of shows in the Cedar Falls area including the Cedar Falls Public Library and The Hub on Main Street.
Only being in their teens, the band is ecstatic about being able to play out the gigs they have and being able to record a seven-song demo with Christopher Brown, who owns a recording studio.

Make no mistake, GSD doesn’t want to be labeled as a new wave pop-sounding band. From the beginning, the band has always had the punk mentality.

“We don’t want to be mistaken for a band just out there to make money. We do it for the love of the music,” Weilein said.

The band is already beginning to get fans all across Iowa and Cedar Falls. They have posted their demo on and are giving out free hard copies.

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