Musicians earn All States

Choir All Staters

Student                                            Part                     Years in All-State

McKenzie Sesterhenn                Soprano I                         3rd year
Nicole Jeffrey                               Soprano I                          1st year
Isabelle Hayes                             Soprano I                          1st year
Katelyn Haan                              Soprano II                        1st year
Shiraan Vaughn                         Soprano II                        2nd year
Sammone Jones                         Alto I                                   1st year
Mallory Vallentine                    Alto I                                   1st year
Kathryn Wolff                             Alto I                                   1st year
Amanda Harwood                    Alto I                                   2nd year
Zach Souhrada-Rogers           Tenor II                              2nd year
Brian Keiser                                Tenor II                              1st year
Jackson Nichols                        Tenor II                              2nd year
Paul Bunker                                 Tenor II                              1st year
Joel Brich                                     Tenor II                              1st year
James Stortz                                Bass I                                  2nd year
Jacob Sund                                   Bass I                                  2nd year
Devon Mettlin                             Bass II                                2nd year
Ryan Ehrhardt                            Bass II                                 1st year

Orchestra All Staters

Student                                  Instrument                     Years in All-State

Erik Cheng                                   Violin                                       1st year
Abigail Rowland                        Violin                                      2nd year
Claire Chenoweth                      Violin                                      1st year
Sarah Gao                                    Violin                                      1st year
Katie Yang                                   Violin                                      3rd year
Rex Ju                                           Violin                                     2nd year
Kelly Olsen                                  Violin                                      1st year
Anjah Droe                                  Viola                                       1st year
Hanno Fenech                            Viola                                       2nd year
Max Su                                           Viola                                       1st year
Adrian Amjadi                             Cello                                        1st year
Olivia Fabos Martin                   Cello                                        1st year
Kristen DeSerano                        Bass                                         3rd year
Ann Fienup                                   Harp                                        4th year

Band All Staters

Student                                   Instrument                              Years in All-State

Jenna Veenstra                          Flute                                                  2nd year
Rachel Ki                                     Flute                                                   1st year
Joshua Carlo                             Bassoon                                             3rd year
Hannah Niemann                   Clarinet                                               1st year
Rachel Rose                               Clarinet                                               2nd year
Anya Gedlinske                        Trumpet                                              1st year
Luke Zahari                               Trumpet                                              3rd year
Isaac Smith                                Trumpet                                              1st year
Jason Geisler                             French Horn                                     4th year
Caleb Vander Wiel                   Trombone                                           2nd year
Catherine Isley                          Percussion                                         3rd year
Brenda Sevcik                            Alternate Trumpet
Marlaine McKean                    Alternate French Horn
Michael J. Stow                        Alternate Trombone
Timothy Sevcik                         Alternate Trombone
Kyler Boss                                  Alternate Percussion

Class of 2014

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