Students take personal stake in health, join fitness programs

These days everyone is going on a health kick. Our school systems and even our government are taking action to get people to live healthy lifestyles starting at an early age. School systems have been changing school lunch policies, and everywhere you turn there is a new trend for staying healthy, but the truth is, students are already doing that too.

Senior Andrea Martinson and junior Cassy Herkelman both have participated in Crossfit to push themselves in efforts of staying healthy. Others take a less extreme workout path like senior Mckenzie Pint who takes Kosama classes and senior Haley Springer who participates in hot yoga at the SOL YOGA studio.

“I decided to try Crossfit because I was going to the Bahamas, and I just wanted to try it to get in shape and just because it was new,” Martinson said.

Herkelman was on the wrestling team this year, and so her motivations were for gaining a competitive edge. “My dad wanted me to get stronger and wanted me to become more mentally tough,” Herkelman said.

Crossfit isn’t just any exercise or workout program; it’s the principal strength and conditioning program for many police academies and tactical operations teams, military special operations units, champion martial artists and hundreds of other elite and professional athletes worldwide.

“It was a very good experience and very different than any other gym that I’ve been to because they don’t use traditional equipment. My parents introduced me to it, and I didn’t just want to run on a treadmill,” Martinson said.

“Crossfit is a very good workout because during it, you just want to quit all the time, but when you get through it, you’re glad you did it,” Herkelman said.

Probably the toughest part of Crossfit is the mental training that also goes with the physical aspect of the workout.

“I’ve only taken one session so far because it was too hardcore, but I’m thinking of going back. It was always really tough trying to find the willpower to keep going with the workouts. That was probably the toughest part,” Martinson said.

“I’ve taken Crossfit for over a year now. Most people are like ‘I want to work out, but I always talk myself out of it,’ but with Crossfit, it makes you want to stick with it. It helps you get mentally tough. They try to physically and mentally break you, and you have to summon the strength to get through it,” Herkelman said.

“The toughest for me was probably the treadmill because it’s really intense and kind of scares me, but my favorite part is when you’re done and you know that you were able to finish a workout,” Herkelman said.

SOL Hot Yoga is a workout where participants do normal yoga in a room that is usually about 110 degrees so they sweat more and are more flexible in the heat. The sweating helps removes more toxins from the body also.

“I like that it’s really relaxing, and I can kind of forget about everyday stress. I would say it is a great workout because the heat helps burn extra calories. Everything in yoga uses core work because it’s all about balance, and your core [abs] are the main thing that help keep your balance. Yoga is generally all about holding poses that work every muscle in your body,” Springer said.

Kosama is a personal training program that uses safe, scientifically proven training principles to help participants get the most from every workout and see results fast.

“I started because I wanted to get in shape again and thought what better way than to get into a class that actually keeps me going. It’s most definitely a great workout. You work yourself so hard. It makes you feel great to know that you completed the workout and you feel great about yourself,” Pint said

Kosama isn’t as intense of a workout program as Crossfit, but it’s a more steady-paced, individualized training program.

“The leaders at Kosama are awesome. They just want you to push yourself and do the best you can, but they don’t push you too much. If you can’t do the workout, they let you go at your own pace. They are super supportive, and they make you feel good about yourself. I would most definitely recommend it to others. It’s so much fun. If you have had thoughts about going to try it out, you will not regret it,” Pint said.

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