Students make a switch from paper

Sophomore Malcolm Musoni and senior Margarita Meza use their laptops in class instead of using paper to take traditional notes.

Technology is already a big part of most of students’ lives, but now we’re bringing it to the classrooms. Most colleges already allow computers and tablets in their classrooms, but lately CFHS students are starting to catch up   and get prepared for college life by bringing their laptops to school too.

There are many different reasons people are beginning to bring laptops to school, not just because of their convenience, but for many practical reasons.

“I started bringing my laptop to school last year so I could work on a program called Autodesk for my Intro to Engineering class. It was just easier and faster on my computer, and I didn’t have to keep all my files on a flash drive or the school server, which can only hold so much,” senior Michael Bowden said.

“It’s more convenient and always available so I can use it wherever I want. I have a writing class this year, so I need it to type a lot,” senior Margarita Meza said.

Students with their own computers in class is very recent, so not many have caught on, and it’s also a new thing for teachers, but they are showing up more when students have down time to actually study and have free time.

“I haven’t pulled my laptop out during a class during an assignment time yet because laptops are still new and awkward because of their size. Things like an iPads and laptops would be a great tool. You can use them to look up important information without even going to the library. You can start typing papers in class instead of waiting to go home and do it. It would be cool if some day everyone in class could take notes on a computer or an iPad. I haven’t asked to use it in class yet,  but I think that would be really nice for big note taking days. I could save all my files for a certain class to a folder and print out the notes at my house then put it in my binder for that class. Plus it wouldn’t get thrown out or misplaced since it would be saved on my computer,” Bowden said.

With every helpful thing there are always cons, especially if it’s something new that hasn’t entirely been accommodated for.

“Laptops are big, and mine usually takes up most of my desk, so I don’t really have room for my papers or anything,” senior Amity Beiner said.

Some are hoping that one day, technology tools will be part of the curriculum.

“I think they should be provided because we are living in a world where technology is the latest trend. Kids wouldn’t resort to cell phones and such, and there would be ways to monitor them if the school could provide them. Problem is that we are a huge school, and it is hard to get grants for 1,200 kids,” Meza said.

No matter what the downsides are, there seems to be a consensus on the usefulness of more technology at school.

“I think students should use laptops more because I think it’s easier to take notes with and everyone’s already used to them. An iPad/tablet would be a good choice too. It’s really nice if you need something right away. It’s more convenient than going somewhere else to use a computer,” Beiner said.

“It’s beneficial because it allows me to use it as I please, and I don’t have to use the school’s slow computer, and it already has all of my files there available for me,” Meza said.

“During my free time, I like to make music on the computer, so when I find free time I usually just do that to keep myself busy,” Bowden said.

As this trend escalates, everyone is getting more accustomed to them and more and more people are starting to realize their usefulness.

“There a great tool for students and can definitely help them but could serve as a distraction for some students. I think students should bring bring laptops/iPads to school. I would encourage it for class use,” Bowden said.

“Yes, I’ll continue to bring mine all year long. I think kids who have them should also bring theirs. It would be very beneficial for them,” Meza said.

“I think it’s a good idea because it’s so much easier to have whenever you need it and also because it’s easier and faster than writing notes on a piece of paper. I definitely encourage more students to bring them,” Beiner said.

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