CF rap crew splits catchy lyrics

Cedar Falls High School hosts the newest rappers on the block. The group includes Bowd: senior Michael Bowden; Lordjord: senior Jordan Lang; Ldrizzy: senior Lindsey Davis; and Kazuhh: junior Kaz Brown. They have two songs out and are planning to make a music video … with a green screen.

It all started when the group of rappers were on the church trip, Caravan, in New York City. They happened to pass by a man selling music, which turned out to be scam tracks, so they decided to make their own music lyrics: “Caravan led us to each other.”

The rap group has two songs out, “Doors Closed,” and “Dueces.” Each member plays an important role in the song-making process.

“Kaz came up with part of the lyrics in New York (‘Doors Closed’). Everybody writes their own at their houses and then comes together and collaborates at my house. [We] record and tell each other which lyrics are good, and which aren’t. Then we put it in the song,” Bowden said. Between the mix of homework, sports and clubs, the group manages to get together and spend some time recording the songs. It usually takes them a few days to record, but overall, the whole process is about five hours including all of the editing required.

Though forming this group was for fun in the beginning, they’ve gotten a little more serious as they progress in song writing.
“Well it’s more than fun. It’s a lifestyle. We’re going to take it to the next level,” Bowden said.

They are hoping to make a track where just Davis and Brown will be rapping, but they’re not stopping there. They’re hoping to come out with an album and make a music video, but Brown is trying to get the group to do a mixed tape.

For more information about the group, check them out on Twitter: @WeDoorsClose. There, one can find links to listen to their two songs and hopefully soon a third.

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