Women’s Tennis Team Sees Up And Downs

The past two tournaments for CFHS women’s tennis have brought the school powerful victories.

April 6 brought both a victory and a loss for the women’s tennis team when they won an emotional 5-4 game against Linn-Mar and lost a cold, windy 5-3 match against Prairie.

“April 6th we had a great win over Linn-Mar, which is a really good team. However, we were so high up that we crashed during Prairie and did not play well. It was probably because of the horrible weather and the emotional let down. We weren’t quite ready to play them,” women’s tennis coach Mike Knox said.

Last Saturday, the women’s tennis team played another riveting match against Cedar Rapids Jefferson and Cedar Rapids Xavier. Against Jefferson, they had a 9-0 victory, but against Xavier, they fell to a 5-4 score.

“As a team, our weakness is doubles. Xavier played really good doubles. Though, we stay really positive and try not to let anything affect us. Today we went out there and played extremely well,” women’s tennis athlete Halle Benson said.

A huge contributing factor to playing at tennis tournaments has been the weather.

“We’ve already had a few injuries occur with legs, knees and feet. One athlete has a very sore shoulder, but I think the really cold, wet weather plays a huge part of it,” Knox said.

Not only is the weather affecting CFHS women’s tennis but other tennis teams as well.

“We spent the beginning of our season inside, but after about three weeks, it’s rather counterproductive. Occasionally we’ll condition inside, but other than that, we practice outside. However, this weather is certainly tough,” Cedar Rapids Jefferson women’s tennis coach Pam Towe said.

Despite the weather troubles all teams are facing, the women’s tennis is still focused on improving from last year and carrying on with their strong wins this year.

“The way we’ll reach our goal is by working our hardest and playing our hardest every match,” Benson said.

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