‘White Christmas’ draws out a crowd

In a busy, stressful world of essay writing, scholarship applying, homework completion and AP studying, time seems to slip by unnoticed (until that college application deadline arrives). Being so caught up in the worries of a teenage student, it can be easy to miss the things going on all around and the beauties our small town of Cedar Falls has to offer.

On Friday night, downtown was sparkling. The brightly lit store fronts and Christmas displays captured the attention of the many passersby. Restaurants and the lovely Cup of Joe coffee shop were busy warming their customers with good food and drink. The decorated trees, light displays and holiday music added to the cheering atmosphere. However, the best treat of all was to be found after stumbling into the Oster Regent Theatre on Main Street for the showing of “Irving Berlin’s White Christmas.”

The cast included former CFHS student Falken Jaramillo and current English teacher Michelle Rathe. Jaramillo performed without missing a step as he danced and sang in a small ensemble of actors. Rathe sparkled on stage, making her experience evident as she captured the audience’s attention and had them laughing out loud. The musical’s visual appearance was enticing, with brightly colored costumes and changing scenery.

The sounds coming from the orchestra pit were just as magical as the performances on stage. Senior Bennett Ford played the drums and band instructor Kyle Engelhardt (lead trumpet) also contributed to the merry sounds.

There is still a chance to catch this highly recommended live entertainment. Get tickets at the box office or call 277-5283. The last showings are Dec. 7, 8 and 9.

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