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Long gone are the days where students can buy a pop at school for lunch. These sugary drinks have been replaced with beverages like water and Gatorade. It’s not very often anymore that you see Coke or Mountain Dews being sipped during lunch. Instead, more and more students are choosing milk or water. This is a beautiful sight.

Undoubtedly, the main reason many students aren’t drinking soda at lunch is because these drinks are simply not offered anymore. Yet, this act should become more widespread. It’s common knowledge nowadays that carbonated soft drinks are not healthy. They offer no nutritional value. They deteriorate bones, destroy teeth and generally do no good for your body. Outside of school, students should be choosing healthy alternatives to the dangerous sodas. Pepsi may tickle your taste buds, but they also shrivel up your bone. Don’t get us wrong, a pop here and there is no harm done. But making it habitual is beyond troubling. Caffeine is a sort of drug, and it can become highly addictive. Once your body starts desiring caffeine everyday, you know you’ve got a problem on your hands.

Milk is tasty. It helps build up bone. Water is necessary for life, and it is the number one quenching drink. Teas even offer lots of goodies for your body. Here at the Hi-Line, we encourage students to consider the many healthy alternatives to soft drinks. There are a multitude of tasty drinks that your body will thank you for drinking. It’s a new day and age. Ditch the soda.

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