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With the many days off from school this year, students have had plenty of time to surf the Web in search of fun, and gaming websites fulfill that need.

One of the most popular gaming websites on the Web right now is addictinggames.com, and it is great. It offers an attractive home page, a search bar if you are looking for a specific game, categories that range from action to games leaning more to the female side of the spectrum. The game quality is very nice, and the only wait is the ad at the beginning, which isn’t that bad. It offers strategy games, car games, shooting games, sports games, action games, puzzle games, funny games, girl games and multiplayer games.

I’m going to break each category down. I started with strategy games, and the game’s name is ‘noitcelfeR.’  It has a nice engine and runs smoothly. The game itself is fun, so the website is worthwhile and has quality games. The ‘car’ category had a wide range from stunt to racing. I picked Max Dirt Bike to test run, and it had a very nice physics generator. It has a high difficulty level and requires a lot of concentration. That was an entertaining category, and I’m sure the rest are enjoyable as well.

Next, the ‘shooting’ category. I picked “Ricochet Kill” out of a selection of high variety. The loading is like the others, and you have to wait for an ad to finish before you can begin gaming. Once it started up, it froze, and then I refreshed the page to see if it would work. It sent me through the ad again and

froze a second time. I moved on to the third in the series and that one even froze, so to my disappointment, I had to move on to a different shooting game completely.

Marksman Hunter was my choice, and this also has an ad. The game is quite boring, but it holds a good idea. I didn’t find it challenging enough, but that is my opinion.

Trick Hoops Challenge was my next selection in the ‘sports’ section. It offers a multiplayer or single player and is of moderate difficulty. It starts out with an easy opponent, and you progress to more difficult as you go.

Next up is an action game called ‘The World’s Hardest Game.’  It is what it claims to be. The difficulty level is insane, but it is really addicting. You are a square and you have to collect the yellow circles without being touched with the moving blue balls.

Puzzle games are up next and my selection was Isoball 3, which starts out simple, but then gets really hard. Addicting, as the website’s name proclaims. Next are funny games, but my selection was in no way funny to me. It’s a serious matter. The game name is Tattoo Artist 2. It was really hard. You have to outline certain tattoos according to the person who comes in. It was so hard, I couldn’t finish one with it on novice.

Next was girl games, and I chose “Challenge Acceppted.” It was a game about a cat in an obstacle course trying to escape. It’s alright, but the music is too loud, and it doesn’t have a volume option. The gameplay itself is good, with a nice difficulty and challenging variables.

I also checked out multiplayer games, and I picked “Dave Fearless is Stuntdriver,” a game that is incredibly difficult. You have a RPM meter, and you have to make sure it stays in the correct place to ensure a perfect launch, otherwise you crash and blow up. The game leaves a little margin for error.

The next site I explored was miniclip.com. It has a nice server with an easy search and categories for easy game selection. I chose the game Runner 2. It’s fun and simple, with a moderate gaming difficulty. The quality is good for that game, so I continued testing the site. I picked TGMotocross 3, and it was really fun. The graphics and physics generator were great, playing ragdoll whenever you crash. The difficulty increases each level, and it got more addicting the further you went.

The next game I tested was from the category labeled ‘action.’ The game’s name was called “Fancy Pants 2.” It was good, though the storyline (I was glad though this was the first game with some substance

CrazyMonkeyGames.com is a site very similar to miniclip.com, but different in games. It offers a good variety of games and a nice search engine. It lets you search a specific game or a type of game (i.e. sports, action, shooting, etc.) The gameplay is nice, without too many glitches and a nice entertainment level.

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