Student-athletes maintain condition during off-season

From lifting to ab workouts, former professional runner and now mathematics teacher, Dirk Homewood knows what young athletes must do to stay in shape and be ready for their upcoming athletic seasons. Homewood’s workout, an after school program designed for high school students that want to maintain their physical condition, is just winding up as many of the fall sports have wound down.  “Cedar Falls has always had an after school weight room program. The idea behind the workouts was to increase the athleticism for all of our sports at the high school,” Homewood said. This is a Monday through Friday workout schedule. Student athletes who participate know that each day is different; every other day they alternate between lifting and conditioning (running). There are a variety of things that student athletes do while working out after school. “The program is designed to track students’ performance increases in terms of strength, quickness and athletic build.  It is a five-day program, which consists of three lifting days and two conditioning days.”

Many student athletes enjoy coming to Homewood’s workout program after school. Senior Madison Hersom likes Homewood’s workouts. “Homewood challenges you every day. You get stronger and overall better,” Hersom said. The popular after school program continues to grow. Because of the huge growth throughout the years, Homewood has had to make some alterations to the workout times. “The lifting program has grown to the point that we have two different time slots and an alternating A/B for lifting/conditioning during the school year.  Also, this past summer’s program consisted of three time slots in the morning and two afternoon time slots.” An increase in the number of student athletes doesn’t bother him. Homewood said that those who have not yet joined the program can come and sign up in the weight room today.

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