Lexy Loves Film: Sophomore explores photos through film techniques

Lexy Abbas, a sophomore, is extremely passionate about photography. She finds her inspiration in the world around her and seeks to have each picture tell  a unique story.

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“I love going through the photos I have because to me, they tell a story. For me, every photo I take has a story but everyone will think something different when they see my photos, and that’s the best part about photography and art in general,” Abbas said.

Abbas has known from a young age that she wanted to pursue photography. “I was always fascinated by cameras when I was little. I liked how you could take a memory and save it forever on a piece of paper,” Abbas said.

In a world where most all cameras have turned digital, Abbas treasures the old film cameras. “When I was in the fourth grade I got a film camera at a garage sale, and I absolutely fell in love with it. Digital is nice, but there’s a novelty about film that digital will never be able to have,” Abbas said.

For Abbas, inspiration for her photos can be found everywhere. She finds her biggest inspiration in the people around her. “My biggest inspiration are people in general, as most of my photos are of people. I like how people look when they aren’t posing, so most of my photos are candid,” Abbas said.

Finding people to model for Abbas’ pictures can be difficult. “I love taking photos of people, so when someone is willing to model for me, I’m just thankful. Most people are camera shy,” Abbas said.

Abbas is passionate about all her work, but a couple photos stand out as her favorites. “I have a favorite in particular of my little cousin sitting by the lake smiling and reading Harry Potter. I snuck up on him. I love the people they’re turning out to be, so it makes me so happy to see him reading my copy of the first book,” Abbas said.

Abbas is a driven young photographer. She hopes to pursue a career in photography, so she tries to get her photos out there. Abbas’ photos can be seen on her Flickr: Lexy Loves Film.

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