Price of education coming at higher cost

Since we were kids, we’ve been asked what we wanted to be when we grow up. Typical answers were firefighters, doctors, the President of the United States, but how are we supposed to fulfill our dreams with an average of $30,000 owed in student loans?

According to the Cedar Rapids Gazette, Iowa ranks third in the nation for student loan debt. University and college costs keep rising, leaving prospective college students questioning whether they will ever make it to college.

The Iowa Regents Board is asking for $40 million to fund a new financial aid project for college students. If the measure is passed by Gov. Terry Branstad, the $40 million will freeze rising costs for colleges for the 2013-14 school year.

If the Iowa Regents Board really wants us to succeed in college, they should have a plan to actually lower costs. Very few students would be able to pay for college without financial aid, yet it is an education we are expected to have if we want to thrive in the working world. The board members are generally wealthy and don’t understand the struggle of paying for college firsthand. If a college student’s opinion was added to the Board of Regents, they would have a much needed voice to explain the effects of their choices on attending and prospective college students.

Next, educators across Iowa should not push all students into attending college. Don’t get me wrong, I believe that college is essential to most young adults. However, some students are simply not cut out for college. If high school students not ready for college are pushed into a path they don’t want to take, they will end up using financial aid and eventually dropping out. That financial aid could be used for students who intend to work hard and genuinely want the opportunity to learn in a new environment.

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