Junior wins grant for coding camp

Junior Kunyu Du was a leader in Cedar Falls “Everybody Code Now” with the assistance of junior Brenda Koumondji. 

The two girls sent out emails to teachers on Nov. 26, looking for recommendations on students who might be interested in or good for the camp. 

Du had been nominated for NCWIT (National Center for Women Information Technology) award by math teacher Briana Goodenbour. Goodenbour had told Du to apply for the grant as well. Du won the award and received the grant, and the next step after winning was to begin a program. 

The program was sponsored by the NCWIT. 

This program involved 12 girls. Ranging in ages from fifth to eighth grade, the group of girls met every day via zoom for four weeks in the evenings. Over the Zoom calls, they would cover programming languages such as Python and some Javascript. The program was mostly on the website (Code.org) and Grasshopper. 

Du has been interested in computer programming since sixth grade. She may major in computer science during college. “It’s something I’m definitely interested in,” Du said.

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