CF student, staff travel to see eclipse

Sophomore Violet Ethredge had seen the total eclipse the previous time it occurred in 2017.

The majority of the sophomore’s family is “pretty interested in space, so we’ve also tried to see stuff like the ISS every so often at night.”

In 2017 the Ethredge family had stayed in Iowa. This year though, they traveled out of state to Indianapolis, Ind.

With Ethredge’s knowledge of eclipses, she and her family found that since “the eclipse in the moon blocks our view of the sun, there is only a thin band across the earth where you can see the totality of where the moon completely covers the sun.”

Unlike in 2017 where the band was seen in some spots in Iowa, this time around there is a band that’s visible near/in Indianapolis.

Much like Ethredge, English teacher Mathew Klemesrud traveled closer to the path of totality in Illinois to see the solar eclipse, though there was a chance that the view of the eclipse in Illinois would be covered by the clouds during its time of visibility.

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