Students split time between school and part-time jobs

Junior Samantha Gunderson, who works at Papa Murphy’s on University Avenue, works around 20 hours a week. However, she said she would like to get around 20 to keep up with her goals as a high schooler. Gunderson said most of the time she enjoys the work environment at Papa Murphy’s, but sometimes there can be tension. 

After six months of being employed, Gunderson quickly promoted to a supervisor position. “Being a supervisor does hold extra responsibilities, but as long as the crew members listen to what you say and respect your authority to a certain degree, there is usually not a whole lot of stress,” she said. 

Although Gunderson said working usually doesn’t cause her stress, there are times where she dreads coming in. “When work is super unorganized, you’re not gonna be excited to go in for six hours just to be behind,” she said. 

Gunderson said she especially likes working because of the money she makes, the relationships she builds with the other employees and always having something that keeps her busy. While Papa Murphy’s is her first job as a teenager, she said it has taught her how to be more responsible and learn time management skills. 

However, sometimes working so much interferes with her schoolwork and social life. She said, “I wish there was a rotation of people who get weekends off so people don’t get stuck working every weekend consistently.”

Sophomore Gabrielle Townsend works at Blain’s Farm and Fleet in Cedar Falls. Townsend typically works 10 to 15 hours per week, due to the availability she set up when she started working in December. 

Townsend also said she enjoys working because it gives her something to do outside of school when she is not with friends. However, it does give her less free time, which she doesn’t prefer.  

Townsend said Blain’s Farm and Fleet tends to get slow on the weekdays, resulting in lots of standing around. “Working kind of gives me time for me to think. It would be more fun if there was a change in pace, but when it gets busy it’s really fun,” she said.

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