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Are you ready for a challenge? As any gamer would know, video games have a wide variety of genres, spanning from RPGs, platformers and shooters. However, for those who are veterans to the gaming scene, many look for a challenge. Here are some recommendations for hardcore gamers looking to test their gaming prowess.

“Persona 5 Royal,” recommended by senior Brady Ramsden-Meier, is a RPG, or a role playing game. In “Persona 5” you play as Ren, a high school student, who is the leader of the vigilante group the Phantom Thieves of Hearts and is codenamed Joker, who helps expose the crimes of corrupt adults by traveling to the supernatural reality called the metaverse. ”Persona 5” is a long game that is really involved in its lore and story, so for those looking for a longer game to challenge themselves this might be the game for you. 

“The game can be quite difficult (especially for people new to role playing games). Thankfully it comes with a difficulty setting if you have too much of a hard time. It comes with an engaging story and turn based game play, and slice of life segments to mix things up between dungeons,” Ramsden-Meier said.

“Persona 5 Royal” is also on a variety of platforms such as the Nintendo Switch, the PS5 and the Xbox One. It should also be mentioned that this game is for more mature audiences, and if you are uncomfortable with the age rating you likely shouldn’t play the game. 

For those looking for a fast-paced game with a fun style, “Cuphead,” recommended by Jimmy Brown, could be your next challenge. “Cuphead” is inspired by the cartoons of the 1930s, making the whole game look like an old animated cartoon. In “Cuphead” you can play as either Cuphead or Mugman, two brothers who gambled their souls against the devil and lost. Now Cuphead and Mugman have to fight various bosses for the devil in order to escape his grasp.  

Unlike “Persona 5,” “Cuphead” is a shooter boss rush with a couple platforming sections. Each boss is very creative and difficult, and for those looking for an even bigger challenge after the game is beat, you can unlock an expert mode to make the bosses even harder.

To wrap everything up, “Elden Ring,” recommended by juniors Jamison Tressler and Aidan Fobian, is an action adventure RPG. In “Elden Ring” you play as a Tarnished, a person exiled from the Lands Between who was then summoned back after the event of the Shattering, in which the great Elden Ring was shattered and now demigods fight for its pieces. Your goal is to gather the pieces of the Elden Ring, and become the Elden Lord. 

Although the game has a set story, it is still an open world game allowing players to explore and go wherever they please, and like with most games the developers make such as the “Dark Souls” series, it is very difficult. It is also once again a more mature game, so if you are troubled by the age rating, don’t play it.

“It’s a Souls game, generally considered one of the hardest ever, and it won game of the year for many reasons,” Tressler said.

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