Car tips for freezing temperatures

In these freezing temperatures and snow covered roads, it is very important to keep good care of your vehicle. Here are some tips on how to keep your car in the best condition it can be in this winter. 

  1. Washing your car
    1. This should be done about every two weeks to prevent rust; the salt and other chemicals put onto the ground can cause corrosion on your car. 
  2. Keeping the inside of your car dry
    1. To prevent molds from growing on the floor of your car, you could invest in floor mats to keep in front of every seat in your vehicle. 
  3. Having a safety kit in your car
    1. This may not be important to the vehicle directly, but to those in the vehicle can really come in handy. Include things like, non perishable snacks, bottled water, some blankets, extra gloves, ice scrapers, etc. 
  4.  Having a full tank of gas
    1. A full tank of gas is going to be very helpful for when you have to start your car.

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