Winter opens door to many differing opportunities

During the winter time, it can be tough to keep yourself active and stimulated, but there are plenty of things you can do to curb the boredom when it’s below freezing outside.

The first thing to look at is any backlog that you have. Is there a book series you wanted to get into? A move you’ve thought about watching? A puzzle you started but never finished? Going back to any unfinished activities can be a good thing to do if you’re stuck inside. 

Another thing you can do, though it may not always be fun, is finishing up any work or things you know you have to get done. Need to clean up your room? Sort out your emails? It can be good to do something productive when you don’t have a lot to do, as it can feel rewarding to complete something that you know needs to be done.

Next, we ask some students what they do during the winter time to keep themselves occupied.

Natalie Thomas- “I work on my coming of age novel, surf the Internet, read, look at social media, and watch movies/TV.”

Jack Rusely- “I clear snow and work in my garage.”

Jamie Riggs- “Go outside:make a snowman, go snowboarding, snow fights ,snow forts ,etc inside:we play games, make hot cocoa, etc.”

Shojoon Naseri- “Draw, read, sculpt, paint, and now participate in a musical.”

Reagan Easter- “Practice violin, swim in indoor pools, play outside with my dog, bake bread, read books, take naps, and watch TV.”

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