How to tackle spring cleaning

Spring cleaning can be overwhelming, and since everyone has been stuck inside their homes due to quarantine, clutter has built up for most people. Cleaning is hard to find motivation for and can be hard to get started on, so here are some tips for this year’s spring cleaning season.


  • One Room At a Time

The most important thing to remember when cleaning is to not spread yourself thin. Going from room to room instead of focusing on one can be very stressful and slows down the process greatly. To prevent this, putting all your energy into one room at a time gives a sense of accomplishment after completing and a more natural time for a break afterward.


  • Checklists

Making checklists of what needs to be done and when smoothes out the process and keeps everything on track. Listing tasks by importance is the best way to prevent distractions and procrastination. 


  • Organization

Working one item at a time can be exhausting and can take a long time. Putting everything in piles and organizing them relieves stress. Making piles for what you want to keep, donate and throw out is a simple idea but effective. 


  • Start From Top

Clearing out the higher parts of the home and getting all of the clutter down to the ground before working on other parts of the house is easier to manage than the other way around. It moves everything you need to work through to one area and it helps limit trips up and down ladders.


  • Cleaning Products Last

In order to prevent headaches and overstimulation from the smell of chemicals, the best thing to do is to use cleaning products after cleaning the rest of the house or your room. Once applying all of the products, you could get out of the house while it dries and air out the chemicals.

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