The best patriotic Buddy Brown songs

This is my last story before I move classes next semester, and I decided that I would leave my last column with what we all need to hear, whether we want to or not

If you are called a redneck because you are a patriotic American, then know that the singer Buddy Brown has got your back. He sings about the real America and what it actually looks like now. He’s blunt and knows what he’s talking about. 


  • If This Country Still Had Balls (Buddy Brown) 

In this song, Buddy sings about how Americans have forgotten what we are all about. We are too soft, we’ve let all the people who hate this country run it, and we need to go back to the good days when we had balls. 

  • I Call BS On That (Buddy Brown)

This song is about how we have so many stupid laws or politically correct things in our country now, and he calls BS on it all. The lyrics on my graphic are from this song.

  • Set In My Ways (Buddy Brown)

This song is about how no matter what other people on the Left think or say, Buddy is set in his ways, and he’d rather change his name than stop being himself, and I agree with him.

  • Stop When You See A Uniform (Buddy Brown)

This song is about how if you want to see a real hero, then you have to look up from your phone or pause your music and take off your headphones long enough to thank our men and women who have served. Because as Ronald Regan says, “Those who say we are in a time of no heroes just don’t know where to look.” 

God Bless America and It’s Patriots 1775 and beyond★★★★

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