Taylor Swift’s new albums spark conspiracy theories

One of the best selling music artists Taylor Swift has become the face of the music industry. Regardless of whether or not you’re a fan of the country-turned-pop star’s music, it’s indisputable that she has become one of the music’s biggest stars in the past decade. In October 2019, Swift was even announced at the music awards as the first woman to receive the award Artist of the Decade. 

Recently, she has surprised fans with her ninth studio album and sister record to Folklore, Evermore. Swifties, Taylor Swift’s fandom, have been dedicated to analyzing and decoding this new album Evermore. “It’s all anyone was talking about on social media, especially Tik Tok, when this album was just announced. After it was released, so many conspiracy theories had been formed due to the ‘Easter eggs’ Swift lay around.” freshman Swiftie Kate Culberson said.

One of the craziest conspiracy theories created by fans was that she and Harry Styles committed vehicle manslaughter together and have been singing about it in their songs ever since. In her song “Style” released in 2014 right after Swift and Styles had broken up, it explains a drive that had resulted in the death of someone while not getting caught for the death. 

The song “No body No crime” in Evermore only fueled this conspiracy. “No body No crime” is about the murder of someone and dumping the body out of a car into a lake. While these songs may just be “imaginary,” fans don’t like to believe so. 

With these subtle hidden deep meanings behind Swift’s song, many people say she is believed to be the greatest talented songwriter. “Swift intertwines topics that her fans can relate to with extremely personal experiences. She is well-versed in cliches, but she does it in a vague way to make it personal and beautiful,” sophomore Swiftie Bella Mabon said. 

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