Students share opinions on Biden’s inauguration

On Jan. 20 of 2021, the Inauguration installed Joe Biden as the 46th president and Kamala Harris as the first female vice president, and staff and students are anticipating the impact of this new administration.

“I hope to see Biden help with our climate change considering Trump never saw it as a big issue. I believe Biden will be a good aid to this worldwide issue,” freshman Samantha Horstman said. 

With switching the presidency over from Trump to Biden, U.S history teacher Colby Grothof said, “My main hopes for the future, as many are most likely similar, is more of a bipartisanship in our government. There has been such a political divide amongst our nation, and especially our Congress-members. No matter the political party of any commander in chief, I would thoroughly appreciate a strong push to bring the Republican and Democratic parties together in Congress. If it does not happen in Congress, it more than likely constitutes not happening in society for our voters.”

With Trump’s tweets and his social media accounts being banned along with being impeached twice, sophomore Bella Mabon said, “A new president is what we needed. Biden will show better leadership and other countries will not look at America like a joke.” 

According to Grothoff, Biden has many challenges to face before delivering on aspects of his campaign promises. While taking office during a pandemic, vaccinations rolling out and the economy struggling will add to the most drastic changes, in my opinion. There were most certainly different views on working through the pandemic and accommodating to the economy in a reasonable way. There very well could be more shut-downs that were previously lifted as well as a more drastic push to get vaccines rolled out, especially in regards to Biden asserting that by the end of summer should be the target date; bold, yet popular amongst Americans vying to get back to normalcy.’”

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