The best classic Christmas movies

Movies are such a big part of culture and life in general people have such different varieties of taste in movies since the movie world is so large and there are so many movies out and still coming out. Though it seems like as the holidays come around everybody just goes back to the classics. 

Many different families have different traditions that they do each year like watching certain movies every year when they see extended family or just personal favorites that they go back to each year. Such classics like the “Grinch,” “White Christmas,” “Elf,” “Home,” “Miracle on 34th Street” and “A Christmas Carol.”

A lot of these classics are loved by many people for many different reasons:

“The Grinch” real life or animated either way is hilarious and has a wonderful message about not giving up on people even when they don’t care or they want you too as well as just people coming together as really just a big family

“White Christmas” is another classic that has been around for a while and is a story of strangers meeting and romance as well as the trials that come with romance and their careers as musicians. In this story people are standing up for others they love and really just pull together as a people to stand for what they love.

“Elf” is a very well loved movie, it really is just such a positive, happy, hilarious movie that’ll give you all the Christmas feels as well as making you laugh at all of Buddy the Elf’s antic as well as romance and other relationships blooming as people learn not to judge just by the weird crazy cover

“Miracle on 34th Street” is a heartwarming story about Santa who comes to save the day at a Macy’s because the Santa there is gone so he goes to help. People don’t believe but one man who does helps Kris Kringle prove everyone wrong and a girl and her mom believe when the girl’s wish is fulfilled and they realize that he really was Santa and fulfilled her wish

“Home Alone” is another funny classic of a young child left all alone by his big family and has to survive for a couple of days alone as his family tries to get back to him. But robbers are trying to break in. This story is full of laughs as an 8 year old boy is outsmarting two grown men. 

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